Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"The Best" Mom gift bag using BossKut SketchKut

 I have been asked by a few to explain what a SketchKut is.. so I will give you a general answer as a video is in the process for you.  I made this gift bag using BossKut digital cut patterns:  Scallop handle bag - BKD005, PANSY Digi Stamp SketchKut, a PopKut straight bow I designed and Pink Glitter paper.  You can find patterns for purchase at: http://www.bosskutdiecuts.com/sketchkuts.aspx 
  What makes the SketchKuts different from other digital stamps you asked.  Not only do you get a JPG colored and plain B/W, you get a WPC file you can change the sizes as needed, cut with your Gazelle and use your pens or markers!  I took a few pictures of the process making my bag today. 

I opened my bag file and SketchKut file in my Funtime program.  I decided to add a different sentiment and resize the pansies. Also be sure to lay the SketchKut over the bag to size it accordingly before cutting. I have my Sketchkut pattern on the bottom of my cutting area and bag on the top part.  Now I check the selected object feature and only my SketchKut will show and cut until I unselect the feature. Look on the upper middle part of the picture where I have my arrow pointed.  Using this feature saves you a lot of time and miscuts. I am going to use a regular ink pen to draw my design first. I ALWAYS change my force to 1 and Knife Offset to a 0 before using the pen feature.

I am now ready to draw the design.  YOU DO NOT need a special pen holder!!! Just take out the blade and insert the pen.
I wanted to use 2 different color pens so I first changed the outline colors. This isn't necessary if you use the pattern as is.  I then put my blade back in the holder and my Gazelle cut the scallop frame.
Next I highlight my bag pattern, select the selected object again and cut my bag.
I then colored in my Pansies, used my glue pen to trace the sentiment and added glitter.
Glue the bag together, attach the Pansy design and I added the glitter bow.  Now I have a great bag for a Mother's Day gift to be given.