Friday, August 31, 2012

Dragonfly Kusudama flower by Jamie

Files Used: Pop-Kut Dragonfly by Judy Stark BKD109

Materials: Cardstock

I absolutely LOVE the Pop Kuts available through Bosskut Die Cuts!! Another one of my favorite projects includes origami. Having wanted to find a way to incorporate the 2 together, I was finally able to work myself through using the tools available in Funtime to get the look I wanted.

 With the help from the video, Using the Edit Tools, I was able to edit the Pop Kut Dragonfly so that it would still be attached to the paper that I needed to fold for each of the petals of the Kusudama flower. First I started by creating a border around the Pop Kut dragonfly. Then I created a square and placed the dragonfly at a corner. Using the scissors in the edit tools, I cut where I needed and reattached in other places. I will honestly admit that this took some trial and error until I finally got what I was looking for. In the end, I'm very happy with how they turned out and I look forward to making more!!

Another, easier option was to first assemble the Kusudama flower and cut out the dragonfly separately. I then attached the dragonfly to the Kusudama flower and am ready to make more for a complete bouquet!!

Just for fun, whenever my daughter sees me working on a project I always end up with A LOT of "help" :o). When she saw the dragonfly, of course she wanted one too BUT it had to be in purple! So I let her pick out the paper and we made her one just for her.

Jamie Gillahan – Bosskut Design Team Member
My Crafting Blog

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

With Sympathy by Kenya

Hi Everyone!

Kenya here to share a sympathy card I made for a minister at my church. Her mother finally transitioned after fighting since February. I never lost a parent but I could only imagine the pain associated with the loss. I had to make sure she knew that we were there for her and that we love her.

I used the shadow from the Presley’s Curls file for the base. Since I used Presley’s Curls before to make a card, I wanted to put a different spin on it; I made it into an easel card. I shared many times that Lilies are my favorite flowers and when I look at them, I think of peace. So I used the Lily file for the flower.  I trimmed it down so it could fit on the card.

To finish the card, I added pearls to the front and a bow on the flower. I decided to put the sentiment on the inside. It is popped up on dimensionals. When the card is opened, it fits perfectly to the inside! I could not ask for more.
Thank you so much for stopping by. Go on over to BossKut for more information and inspiration, Kenya  Boss Kut Design Team
Files:  available at

Presley’s CurlsLily BKD013

Monday, August 27, 2012

Felt Flower Pin by Becki

Long time no see!  It's Becki here for the last and final time being part of the Boss Kut Design Team.  I am sad that my term is over.   I have been working with a great company, top to bottom, and fabulous design team members.  You will all be sorely missed.  This project made me leave my comfort zone once again, and try out a new material - felt.  This is something I have never tried to cut before.  I am pleasantly surprised at how it turned out!

OK, Let's get to it.  Purchase a sheet of stiffened felt and a pin back from Hobby Lobby or your favorite craft store.  The felt usually comes in a big sheet.  Cut three circles in varying sizes (Five at 2", five at 1.5", seven at 1", and one at half an inch).  That brings us to 17 total circles.   The settings I used on my Gazelle were force 4, speed 3 with the deep cut blade raised to sit higher in the holder by stacking 25 post-its.  This helps the blade not drag over your material, and cause cuts where you don't want them.  It also helps to "punch" through thicker material to get a better cut.

Let's make the petals first. Lay aside two of the 1" along with the half inch circle.  We need to start with five of each of the sizes as shown below.

I used a hot glue gun for this project.  Hence, why it's a tad messy.  You can use whatever glue you feel will stick the felt together and keep it sturdy.  Glue the 1" to the 1.5" then the 1.5" to the 2" like this.  I didn't go all the way to the bottom because I wanted to see the inside petals better when it becomes folded. 

You should now have five petals stacked and glued, ready to be folded over.  Now to form the petal shape. Wrap the bottom half of the petal around your finger or a pencil to get your desired curve.  When you like how it looks, just place a small dab of hot glue inside the fold.  Be careful, the felt is thin and the glue hot.  It gets a little warm holding it.  But the good news is it dries super fast.

When you are done forming your petals, glue them together in a circular pattern.  You will see the flower shape appear.  Using one of the reserved 1", glue to the back.  This is a stabilizer so your pin has something to sit on when glued.  You can now glue the pin onto this piece.  Take your other 1", and glue the half inch on top of it.  The half inch can be the same color or an matching one.  Just anything adorable!

I wanted to add a little style without adding additional bulk.  I choose to glue very fine microbeads around the outer rim.  A simple button with bright, happy twine, and it's complete

Here it is in all it's glory attached to my Fifth Avenue purse in denim by Thirty-One.  Just an adorable accent to go along with my favorite purse.  Since it's felt, it should hold up really well if it gets banged around.  Especially with all hot glue I soldered onto it.  LOL

Thank you so much for coming along with me while I created with my Boss Kut  Gazelle.  A great machine with even better people.  Happy crafting! Becki Wagner

Friday, August 24, 2012

Wedding Mobile by Lori m.

                                                  Wedding Mobile  By Lori m

Looking for Bridal or Wedding ideas?  Well, you’ve come to the right place, has you covered.

There’s a fabulous assortment of files just waiting to be cut and assembled for all those projects you need to get done. Quick, easy and the files cut like butter.

Rather than the usual Wedding or Bridal Shower banner, I decided to try my luck at a mobile. Something a little different and what I think is so cute.

For my mobile base I decided to use a lamp shade, then took some tulle black and white and twisted them together for the outside lamp shade border.  A few amazing flowers and files cut with my Gazelle to finish my project.

For the Wedding cutouts, I decided to do one side black card stock and one side white card stock; the two tones added a little more elegance.

Here’s my Wedding Mobile recipe!

All the files were cut on my Gazelle and they came from

So there you have it, a little something different for Wedding or Bridal Shower decorations.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Koozies by Kenya

Hello Everyone!

Summer is in full swing and before we know it, it will be coming to an end. Before the school year begins, I decided to host a local family reunion. I wanted the participants to have souvenirs. However, I was a very limited budget and I had limited time as well. I looked at my BossKut Gazelle and tried to come up with something. Then I looked at my unloved silk-screening machine and it clicked! KOOZIES!! Koozies are not only cute, but they keep drinks cool and they can be customized. PERFECT!

Once my blank koozies were ordered, I went into FunTime and got to work. Anyone who has hosted a party understands less is more! It is a very stressful and I wanted cute but simple (I had to make 100 of them). I took a tree from the net and brought it into FunTime. I added the initials of the family to the middle of the tree along with the year. Then I flipped the image. I cut the image out in vinyl and attached it to my screen for printing. The Gazelle cut the image like butter…the year is less than half of an inch tall…WOW!

This was a very fun and budget friendly project. My Gazelle as saved the day once again! I hope you enjoyed today’s project! Please stop by BossKut for supplies, machines and inspiration!

Boss Kut Design Team

Sunday, August 19, 2012

ABC School CD Folder Book by Judy Stark

It's back to school tomorrow in Central Florida!! Special blessings to all of the Teachers tomorrow....
I made another CD folder book using my Bosskut Gazelle and this beautiful Graphic 45 paper. I used the CD folder pattern, which should be released soon on I first cut my folder pieces. Using my 12 inch mat, I can make a 5.5 inch square book as the pattern is 2 pieces.
I attached my front cover ribbon using 2 way 1/8" tape and then added a coat of Mod Podge over the front cover. One of the things about my Gazelle which I totally use often, is the ability to move my blade to anyplace on my mat to cut my piece. Using this feature, I was able to cut my paper and use the ABC Primer for my title on front.

I then cut 3 of the Scalloped Bottom Tag by Judy Stark sold at These tags are great for this type of project as you can put 4 different pictures onto the tag or journal and pictures. When I cut the tags, I did not cut the circle out of the top of this tag. I then cut 3 apples also by Bosskut. I colored the apples using Copic markers. I then cut my frames and chalked these.

The stamp I used is also by Graphic 45. I added the button and my project is completed!!

Judy Tesla Stark
Bosskut Design Team

Friday, August 17, 2012

10 minute projects by Debbie G.

The children in my life always want little gifts for their teachers and they generally call to ask for the gift 30 minutes before they need them. With the school year beginning very soon, I decided to get prepared so I searched the internet for some quick easy projects. I found inspiration in an easel card and created a desk calendar, Post-it-note covers take less than ten minutes to create and  can be quite beautiful, and a pencil box that holds 4 pencils that was amazingly simple.

For the calendar you will need 1 sheet of extra heavy cardstock. You will need to cut the cardstock into a 6”x12” and a 6”x6” pieces, score the 6”x12” piece at 6” and 9” an fold in the same direction on the score line, attach the 6”x6” piece the 3”x6” section and decorate for your occasion. I used 0932 Bookworm from Bosskut. I printed the calendar from and attached it to a small piece of cardstock with brands and then glued it to my card.

 For the Post-it-note cover you will need a piece of double-sided cardstock cut 7 3/8 “x 3 ¼” score at 3 1/8, 3 ½, and 3 7/8”. Fold the center score line then cut across fold to the next score line 2 times about ½” apart. Fold the other score lines glue one fold to back use adhesive and attach post-note and slide in pen. I used the Star and A+ die from Bosskut. There are many great tutorials for this project on line just Google Post-it-Note and pen cover tutorial if you need additional instructions.

The pencil box takes one sheet of card stock and 10 minutes of your time to create. I found many patterns for the same box and have decided to give you the link to the site I found most useful . Midway down the page she has a pdf, pattern that you can print.  I decorated this box by using my Gazelle to create a series of stars and attaching them to a paper clip.

I had so much fun with the teacher set that I made an additional set for any occasion and embellished them all with the Parker Pop Kut flower by Judy Stark.
Thank you for looking Debbie

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Teacher Note Pads by Katie DeSotel

Today is our first day back to school! I always like to have a little something for the teachers on the first day. Cody and Shelby are lucky enough to the same teachers they had last year. I think that makes it easier for me to come up with little things for them.

I had purchased a pack of Jr. Legal Pads a few months ago and thought it would be fun to give them each their own peronal notepad.

After fitting the covers I decided to use my Gazelle and some of the school files to embellish them.

I started by adding a strip of paper and oversized bingo card from the Simple Stories Elementary collection. Then I added the cute little Book Worm. There was already an apple image in the center of the bingo card so I worked with that to position my little guy. Next, I added a sticker element to the bottom right and finished it off with a glittery brad. I felt like it needed something to balance it out, with the glitter on the bottom, so I cut a star our of Gold Glitter Paper to cover the star in in between the letters in read.

Although I wanted them to be different, I followed the same basic layout. Again I used Simple Stories Elementary paper and elements. This time I added the Crayons and Scissors. I decided to put the scissors to use and positioned them so they appear to be cutting the name tag. ;) A little clip at the top holds the "my class" sticker in place.
I really love how they turned out and believe it or not, they came together rather quickly, thanks to my Gazelle!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You"re Sweet by Becki M

There's nothing sweeter than getting a homemade card from your friend unless it has an adorable ice cream cone on the front of it.  I really wanted to make a card to let a friend know I think they are the sweetest when Boss Kut released this ice cream cone recently.  I love the chocolate syrup and cherry.  Really makes this die cut.  Of course, the pop up layers are really cool too.  (See what I did there?  hehe)

I wanted to take a close-up of the ice cream cone to show the layers.  I also wanted to brag that my Gazelle cut the whole thing out at less than 3" high.  So you can imagine how small the cherry and stem are.  My Gazelle cut it out without a hitch.  Amazing!
Thanks for coming over here and taking the time to check out my latest project.  Feel free to leave some love.  I heart comments!

Ice Cream Cone by Boss KuCakewalk by October AfternoonSweet Thoughts by My Thoughts Exactly

Happy Crafting Becki

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lattice Blue Jay Card by Lori m.

What do you do with all your beautiful photos; why not turn them into Print and Cuts using your Bosskut Gazelle?

Here’s a card I made using a photo taken, which was then turned into a print and cut.

I first created the four lattice panels in my Gazelle Funtime program to give my card a window pane effect.

Next I found a patterned paper I really liked, and then I proceeded to make my print and cut file using a photo taken by our son.

I was allowed to use the photo only for this card; it’s a “special” Birthday card for my Aunt in Germany turning 90 this year.

                     Look how nicely my Bosskut Gazelle Print-n-Cut feature cut my photo!!! 

For videos on making your own Print and Cuts or Lattice work in the Funtime program please visit

Friday, August 10, 2012

Flip Flops by Nikki B.

Flip Flop Rhinestone T-shirt
10ss Rhinestones in a variety of colors – Bosskut has some great options in their rhinestone section!
Bosskut Rhinestone transfer tape
Bosskut Rhinestone template material

Flip Flop Rhinestone Template
I made the template using the wonderful Funtime software. First I drew my flip flop pattern in Funtime, then used the Rhinestone feature, set to 12ss so I could set 10ss stones. Then after cutting the template, tape off one section at a time, and sweep in that color stone. Repeat for each section. Then iron the design onto a t-shirt, bookbag, or anything else – a fun piece that is great for summer weather! (Although you can be sure I will be wearing this all year long!)

Nikki is sharing the rhinestone pattern with us. It is a .wpc and can be dowloaded here.

Flip Flop Welcome Sign

What I used:
5 ½” x 17” poplar wood piece (purchased at my local home improvement store in 24” long pieces, then cut down to size 17”)
Bosskut white repositionable vinyl
Bosskut Vinyl in color of your choice
Bosskut vinyl transfer tape
Wood flip flops (found at my local big box craft store)

First I cut the Welcome out of my colored vinyl. I put a weeding box around it, and weed out the excess pieces and placed a piece of transfer tape over it. Then I cut various sizes of circles, cutting some in half, out of white vinyl.
I prepared the wood by lightly sanding it and painting several coats of white acrylic paint. Then using painters tape, I marked off my inner edges to leave a 1” exposed border on all sides, and painted the edges blue. After it dried I removed the painters tape.

I placed the “Welcome” word in the center white rectangle using the transfer tape, then I peeled up and placed my full and half circles on the blue edges for a polka dot look. I didn’t use tape for the polka dots.
Then I painted my flip flops in bright colors, using acrylic paints. I painted the flowers coordinating colors, then used a q-tip, dipped it in paint, and painted on the polka dots.
I used eyelet hooks to connect my flip flops to my wood piece. Either put a wire at the top or a picture hanger on the back and the piece is ready to hang – a bright, welcoming sign perfect for summer! The Gazelle is simply amazing in all the ways you can use it for so many different kinds of project, and vinyl is fun and easy to work with!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Train Musuem Layout by Lori m.

A walk back in history, to the Train Museum, what fun it was.  I never realized the different style train cars, cabooses and did you know there were box cars made of wood?

They had authentic Western Union machines and just so much to see. We had a short ride on the train, then a short ride on the trolley, little look inside of the box cars and back to the station.

I was thrilled when I saw Bosskut had the train file, it saved me a whole heap of time making my own. 

The adorable Train by Lisa Schmidt # 0911 can be found at, be sure to check out the rest of their great files.


Lori m.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fancy Initial by Becki

Forget about purchasing those expensive wood letters at your big box craft store.  Make your own!  These are simple to put together and you have any letter available at the tip of your fingers.  OK, they are a little time consuming, especially if you are doing a whole word or someone's name.  I just have to say they are so worth it.  They have a high "wow" factor.  I get requests from friends all the time wanting me to at least make the first letter of their or their child's name.

So out comes my workhorse - the Gazelle!  She makes short work of the many pieces that go into making my 3D letters.  It always amazes me to see her zip around cutting all the zig-zags and score lines that make up this file.  My pink lady makes it look like child's play!

If you are thinking of purchasing an electronic die-cutter or upgrading the one you already have, take a look at the Gazelle.  This is really a do-it-all machine.  Check out the specifications here to see all the materials this beauty can take on.  Thank for stopping by and checking out my project!  Have a great day and happy crafting.

Becki Wagner- Bosskut Design Team

Friday, August 3, 2012

Words of Wisdom for the Mommy to Be by Jamie G

Machine Used: Boss Kut Gazelle
Software: Funtime Scrapbooking III
Files Used: Eyelet Baby Bottle Tag by Judy Stark BKD113,
Materials: Cardstock, ribbon

It just seems to me that sometimes the simplest projects are the ones that have the most impact!

I keep hearing about first time pregnancies so much lately and I'm so excited for these families! Almost makes me want another one . . . . ALMOST!! :o) With these new pregnancies brings the thoughts of baby showers and all the confusion that comes with a new baby.

For this project I decided to go with cards that can be passed out at the baby shower that offers the attendees to provide words of wisdom to the mommy-to-be. So simply made, it's easy to make as many as you'd need for the baby shower, then place them at the tables and let the attendees go!!

Before I get to much further into how I made these, I want to point out how easy it is save on paper even with the 3pt print and cut. In the Funtime software you can simply move the crop marks closer to the image that you want to cut around. In the image below, you can see that I had other things that I had worked on in other projects. I followed the steps as usual with print and cut after moving the crop marks and was able utilize more the paper.

Back to my project, I started out using several different patterns of paper and cut out the beautiful Baby Bottle Tag by Judy Stark, making sure to print the smaller rectangle in white cardstock. The white cardstock is where the attendees with write their words of wisdom to the mommy-to-be. Let me just say how wonderfully this cut!!

What a fun, cute little tag that the mommy-to-be will cherish forever! Make sure to have the attendees sign their words of wisdom so that there will forever be a record of their participation.

After all the tags have been collected be sure to secure them together at the top with some ribbon.

Jamie Gillahan – Bosskut Design Team Member
My Crafting Blog

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Teddy Bear Quilt Square by Ruthanne Tucker

Just a quick little idea I had today. I embroidered the teddy bear design, then had the Gazelle cut out a scalloped fabric frame and fused them together.
Hope to get more done over the next week to make a small wall quilt.

Ruthanne Boss Kut Design Team

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Snips and Snails by Becki

and puppy dog tails.  This was one of my favorite nursery rhymes growing up.  I can't really say for sure why other than I have an older brother.  I just knew he had bugs hidden somewhere ready to throw on me!  Since I have been babysitting my 2 year old nephew full time, I couldn't think of a better use for this picture frame.  

See what a little vinyl, your Gazelle and a wide frame can make?  Perfect birthday present for that ornery boy in your life.  He looks it, doesn't he?
You can see my Gazelle cut the vinyl so smooth.  Even have every detail like the snake's tongue.  I love it!

I choose a light blue vinyl to go with my brown frame.  The vinyl is available from the Boss Kut store in sheets of 2 12"x24" for $9.99.  Hope you like my project for today and it inspires you to not be afraid of a sticking vinyl on everything.  Vinyl projects make great quick and easy gifts.  Have a great day and happy crafting!

Wide Picture Frame