Saturday, September 29, 2012

Monarch Butterfly in Frame by Jamie

Files Used: Heart Doily by Phyllis Parkins BKD092
Materials: Shadowbox, cardstock, preserved butterfly, rhinestones

One of the things that I remember very fondly from grade school is my 3rd grade class where each student was actually given a caterpillar. We fed our caterpillars, watched them become a chrysalis, and then watched the Monarch emerge from the chrysalis. I truly believe it was that teacher that helped fuel my love of nature.

On my property we have plenty of milkweed and see many Monarchs flying around. While walking the property with my daughter (3) and son (2), I found a dead Monarch in perfect condition. I showed my babies and my daughter was immediately mesmerized. With this dead Monarch I saw a great opportunity to teach my children, hopefully fuel a love for nature, and a great crafting project!!

Once I had the butterfly at home I did some research on the internet to find out how best to preserve our butterfly so that we could display it. Since the wings wouldn't move on their own, I had to put our butterfly in the rehydration box.

After a couple of days in the rehydration box, I was able to easily move the wings without damaging them. Following the directions listed, I placed the butterfly in the position I wanted him for display and left him alone again for a few more days.
In between rehydrating and positioning the butterfly, I created the 13 x 13 layout where we would display our butterfly.

For the wording "Monarch" I used Goudy Handtooled available in Funtime. I LOVED the way this font cut out and my Gazzy cut the small cutouts in the letters out beautifully!!!

I chose the Heart Doily by Phyllis Parkins BKD092 to place the butterfly on to show my love of nature. I also added some ss-10 rhinestones for that little extra something.

The 4 Monarchs that I cut out were from this website. I simply imported them into Funtime and used the option to auto vectorize them. They turned out beautiful and just look at how well the Gazelle cut out those thin little antennas!! I added some ss-10 rhinestones to the tops of the wings and called it good.

As I assembled this project I was prompted to do additional research on the Monarch butterfly. It's amazing how much I remembered . . . after reading it all again. I learned that the Monarch that my babies and I found is a male and you can tell by what looks like dots on the bottom part of the wing. How cool is that?!

Jamie Gillahan – Bosskut Design Team Member
My Crafting Blog
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

O'Hannah Thinking of You Card by Kenya

Hello Everyone,
Have you all seen the new releases?? All I can say is FABULOUS! For today’s project, I used the O’Hannah Frame  set to make this simple shape card.
This project is pretty straight forward. I copied and welded two of the shadows together. Make sure you mirror the copy or it will not line up properly when you close your card. I layered the base with a piece of purple Core’dinations. Next I layered it with the detailed cut from the O’Hannah Frame. I love how well it cut using my BossKut Gazelle!  I cut this at a speed of 3 and a force of 2. I stamped my image on a circle with Momento Ink and colored the image with my Copic Markers which can be purchased at BossKut.
To add a little dimension, I added two more butterflies and a flourish.

I hope you enjoyed today’s project! Don’t forget to pop by BossKut for more files and inspiration! Kenya~

O’Hannah BKD128 by Judy Stark

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Antique Cars Layout by Lori m.

                                                           Antique Cars Layout by Lori m
Isn’t it fun to check out things from the past?  I mean sometimes there things I remember from my younger days and then sometimes things before my times.

Antique cars, these were nothing like the cars built today.

They really were built to last, unlike today’s fiberglass cars. The size alone compared to our now compact cars still amazes me.
There was so much room inside; you could get a family of 7 or 8 in with no problem.

What would my layout be without a great file from Bosskut to finish it off?  There I found the perfect truck file which almost matched my Antique truck file. The slats on the truck bed I added, but the rest came with the file.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Peaches Anyone? By Lori m.

What better way to give a gift of fresh canned peaches, then to add a pretty tag. has just the files you need, as you can see, I’ve already made use of one.

This file designed by Judy Stark, cuts like butter but I see so many wonderful uses. Cards, tags for canned goods, or maybe peach pie, yum!  Enjoy

Lori m.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Simply Summer by Debbie G

This colorful two page layout is perfect for any of your summer pictures.

Debbie used the following Boss Kut designs available on

Tag by Boss Kut
Bee she designed in her Gazelle software.
Click here for a free download of her little bee.  It is in .wpc file format only at this time

Thank you Debbie for sharing this design with us. It will be in the Design Store in the near future. In our normal file formats.

Assorted Design - A - Flowers available at
She cut everything on her Gazelle available at

Monday, September 10, 2012

File Box Folder by Lori m.

The Folks over at Bosskut did it again!!!

Here’s another “fabulous” coming soon project file from, love, love, how easy this was to make.  Adorable!!!

One would think their reading my mind as I started organizing my cards and photos this week. Clever, cute, useful…..and cut to perfection in no time at all.

Bosskut, you’ve been working on over drive with these new files. 

You all know me; I do love to add some bling to my projects.  Here I’ve a few golden peals, pretty ribbon, and a rub on. Not too much bling but enough to make it look pretty.

The scalloped oval was a free file I won over at the Bosskut Gazelle forum from Terri Mouw for a challenge I entered.  There are more but one showcased this “PopKut DragonFly” by Judy Stark. 
                                Here’s what I used: Coming Soon….

1. File Box-JS
2. File Folders_JS
3. Index Cards_JS

In the store now at
4. BKD109_PK Dragon Fly-JS 

Of course, all this wouldn’t be possible without the help from my Pretty In Pink” made in the USA Gazelle from

Well, here you have it, another quick, fun and very useful keepsake for organizing or a nice gift idea.

Enjoy and keep your eyes open, I’ve seen the other files Bosskut will soon be releasing!

Lori m.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Personalize Bag with Vinyl By Jamie G

Files Used: Butterfly Silhouette 0327
Materials:Heat Transfer Vinyl, SS 6 Pink Rhinestones

I LOVE working with vinyl but just couldn't bring myself to work with the heat transfer vinyl. I think that is mainly because it required bringing out my iron and I didn't want my dearest husband thinking that me ironing would become a regular thing. ;o) After making this project, I could just kick myself for waiting so long!!

My daughter received a very cute bag last year and it always bothered me it was so plain. We used it for her dance class last session and will be using it again in September when her classes start back up. I finally decided it was time to spruce it up! Here's the bag before I got a hold of it.

Using the true type font, Vivaldi, I typed out my daughter's name "Mickaela" in Funtime. When it came time to cut the vinyl, I made sure to mirror the image and used the weeding option in the cut menu. Since this was my first attempt at heat transfer vinyl, I followed these great instructions by Mrs. Boss Kut herself, Phyllis!

I followed the same instructions when I applied the Butterfly Silhouette. I will note here the importance of making sure you have a smooth surface to work with. Where I applied the butterfly there are A LOT of folds in the bag, so the butterfly and I had a bit of a disagreement. Don't you just love the learning experiences that come with learning new things in crafting!?!

With the rhinestones I followed the awesome tutorials provided by Terri on the Boss Kut Training website. Be sure to watch all 3 of them! She makes it so easy to follow and explains everything.

As always, my daughter was very grateful with new additions to her bag. I just hope that I'll be able to get her to put it down sometime between now and when dance class begins.
Now that I've jumped both feet first into heat transfer vinyl and rhinestones, I can't wait to get more projects done. I'll just have to wait until my husband is at work so that he doesn't see me with the iron out! ;o)

Jamie Gillahan – Bosskut Design Team Member
My Crafting Blog
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Photos and Memories By Lori m

Sometimes things come your way at just at the right time.  This is one of those times for me.

Coming soon… releases…. 1 Piece CD Holder  by Judy Stark and a whole bunch more. 

Since my recent trip I’ve been editing over 500 photos from California and finally, it’s finished!. 

To thank my cousin for showing me a “fabulous time”, I wanted to make her a CD Photo album of the places we traveled and with that being said this all needed special packaging.

I took the 1 Piece CD holder, enlarged it a little, added the small envelope inside for a personal note.

There’s plenty of room for photos and the CD inside. Life is grand, and is a lifesaver with fantastic files.
All the files were cut with my amazing “Pretty in Pink” Gazelle of course, the machine that missed me while I was away.  
For the front of my cover to dress things up a bit, I added another “coming soon” file the Keyhole Doily Set. by Judy Stark.

Perfect addition to showcase the CD cover, not too much pizazz just enough.

The files will be available for sale this August at

1. 1 Piece CD Holder
2. Keyhole Doily Set


Lori m.