Saturday, September 8, 2012

Personalize Bag with Vinyl By Jamie G

Files Used: Butterfly Silhouette 0327
Materials:Heat Transfer Vinyl, SS 6 Pink Rhinestones

I LOVE working with vinyl but just couldn't bring myself to work with the heat transfer vinyl. I think that is mainly because it required bringing out my iron and I didn't want my dearest husband thinking that me ironing would become a regular thing. ;o) After making this project, I could just kick myself for waiting so long!!

My daughter received a very cute bag last year and it always bothered me it was so plain. We used it for her dance class last session and will be using it again in September when her classes start back up. I finally decided it was time to spruce it up! Here's the bag before I got a hold of it.

Using the true type font, Vivaldi, I typed out my daughter's name "Mickaela" in Funtime. When it came time to cut the vinyl, I made sure to mirror the image and used the weeding option in the cut menu. Since this was my first attempt at heat transfer vinyl, I followed these great instructions by Mrs. Boss Kut herself, Phyllis!

I followed the same instructions when I applied the Butterfly Silhouette. I will note here the importance of making sure you have a smooth surface to work with. Where I applied the butterfly there are A LOT of folds in the bag, so the butterfly and I had a bit of a disagreement. Don't you just love the learning experiences that come with learning new things in crafting!?!

With the rhinestones I followed the awesome tutorials provided by Terri on the Boss Kut Training website. Be sure to watch all 3 of them! She makes it so easy to follow and explains everything.

As always, my daughter was very grateful with new additions to her bag. I just hope that I'll be able to get her to put it down sometime between now and when dance class begins.
Now that I've jumped both feet first into heat transfer vinyl and rhinestones, I can't wait to get more projects done. I'll just have to wait until my husband is at work so that he doesn't see me with the iron out! ;o)

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