Saturday, June 30, 2012

Celebrate America Card by Jamie Gillahan

Files Used: 4th of July mini collection BKD 021

Materials: Cardstock, Glitter Cardstock

For this project, I started out with a tri shutter card template. With this wonderful template, came a challenge!! I LOVE challenges! If you are a part of the Gazelle Owner’s Forum be sure to join in on the fun here: Bosskut CHALLENGE: make it your own! (tri-shutter card)

I used the sparklers and the "Celebrate America" files from the 4th of July mini collection.

For the Statue of Liberty I used a coloring page that I found here. I imported the jpeg into my Funtime and used the auto vecto to create the cut file. Then I used a very fine black marker to "color in" the inside cut lines. I replaced the pen with the blade holder and cut the outline.

The Liberty Bell is a true type font, US-Bats that I downloaded from Using the same technique as I did the Statue of Liberty, I started with a very fine black pen to "color in" the inside cut lines. I then replaced the pen with the blade holder and cut along the outside line.

Jamie Gillahan – Bosskut Design Team Member

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Family Fun Layout by Lori m.

                                                             Family Fun Layout by Lori m.

Oh the summer breezes are kicking into high gear here.  I just love the relaxing days spent with family enjoying our backyard

Sitting in your favorite chair watching everyone have fun.

How about catching a little breeze while you swing back and forth?

After working up all that energy, we must have my favorite desert…. “smores”!

You can create your own fabulous layouts to make your scrap pages come to life with the files at

Here’s what I’ve used in this layout.

I hope you enjoyed my layout, thanks for stopping by.

Lori m.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gazelle Carry Bag & Vinyl by Janet Rankin

Carry Case for My Gazelle
I like to take my Gazelle to crops and so I decided to make myself a tote to carry my Gazelle.  I wanted it to also hold the cords and cutting mats. I designed this tote and it seems to work well for me. I also think it is cute, but then again I am partial.

                                            Vinyl Projects Done With My Gazelle
My son recently bought a new used boat. He decided to name is boat for good luck. He named it  “Triple Threat”—Boating, Gigging and Relaxing. With the use of my Gazelle I cut the name for his boat and this is the result.  (Green Metallic on Black). Boat number I did just the opposite

Thank you!  Janet Rankin 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Rhinestone Tshirt by Becki W.

Here's a quick little project to get you ready for summer - bling up an old T-Shirt!  Need a new summer wardrobe but don't have a lot of money?  Then this is just the thing you need!  You might have already heard I was afraid of rhinestones.  But not anymore.  I am pushing forward and moving on to bigger things!  OK, the rhinestone flower might not be big but it's a step up.

I wanted to use the Parker Flower by Judy Stark again.  One because I love that flower and two because it would go great with my new hair clips.  Once again, I took out the middle pieces out of the file to make it look more defined in rhinestones.  I wrote what size rhinestones the pattern was cut for on the template.  If you need help using Funtime with your Gazelle to make rhinestone templates, please see Terri's awesome tutorial.  I can't say it any better than she can.  I really learned a lot when starting with rhinestones from Terri.  

Just thought I would show some action shots. This rhinestone placing technique is shown in the video.  It would probably make more sense to see it then me writing it.  I just used a paint edger you can get at your local hardware store to gently push the stones into the template.

Most will be right side up, there may be a few that don't, just flip them over with your fingernail.  Now they are ready for the transfer tape and placement on your garment.

As I have stated before, I am kind of a plain jane.  Now I have the perfect solution to jazz up my many T-Shirts.  In fact, so plain am I, that I have about 20 of these shirts in various colors with slightly different styles and no markings.  Maybe I should make a bunch of Rs or Bs to monogram them all like Laverne from Laverne & Shirley.  Wow, I probably just dated myself, didn't I?  Ooops.

All done!  Doesn't my shirt look look flashy?!?  I love it!  One little tip, since the stones are on the transfer tape, it would probably be a good idea to put on the shirt and then stick the tape where you want it.  I put my design just slightly too far to the left.  Lesson learned.  While it's placement looked OK to me with the shirt flat, on my body it looks a tad off.
I think this would look good with an R for Rebecca too.  What do you think?  What are some other cute simple designs to bling-bling up an a boring ol' shirt for summer?  Hit the comments and let me know!  Thanks for looking and happy crafting!

Parker Pop Kut Flower by Judy Stark
plain shirt


Chalkboard Memo Board by Becki W.

Welcome to another round of Becki's crafty corner.  Where I am all about trying out the new (to me) crafty materials available.  This month has just been one of firsts.  First time using rhinestones now chalkboard vinyl!  I have always wanted to try it out but just couldn't think of a project to use it with.  My kids are older so it wouldn't do any good in our classroom.  But, with our busy life, I really could use something to get the attention of the kids and hubby when they are raiding the fridge.  Why not put the chalkboard on there!?!

I went looking for the perfect file for my chalkboard.  I found this Framette by Boss Kut Die-Cuts.  I know this is going to sound weird but this framette reminds me of the cool talking wardrobe from Beauty and the Beast.  That's probably why I like it so much!

As you can probably tell, it doesn't look exactly like the file pictured at Boss Kut's website.  I never use files they way they are intended and always have to mess with them.  If I had used it as is, I wouldn't have been able to keep the beautiful scroll work with this vinyl.  I also wanted a little color.  So I took the scroll frame and made a shadow, that makes the whole back one piece.  I then cut the top swirly scroll out of a piece of scrapbook paper that matches my kitchen.  Now in order for the paper to not get yucky when we wipe the board off, I covered it in ModPodge before gluing it to the base vinyl.

My new chalkboard in action!  Of course, I would use pink chalk right?  I have one of those Chalk Ink Wet Wipe markers in Piggy Bank Pink.  I put a small piece of Velcro on the side of the fridge and the pen so it is readily available.

How do you like my memo board?  It's in the perfect place in our house, the most used area - the fridge.  Have any other ideas where placing a chalkboard would be a good idea?  Let me know in the comments.  I would love to hear other ideas.

Framette by Boss Kut

Becki Wagner

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Camping Layout by Lori m.

It’s that time of the year again when many of us go camping.  I know its fun to look back and enjoy the moments and memories by looking at layout pages.

Did you know has some pretty neat camping files?

 Adorable, and so easy to cut.

I tried something different and used the branch file as trees, I kind of like the way it looks.

Here’s my Camping layout recipe!


Lori m. Bosskut Design Team

Doll High Chair and Crib by Jamie G

                                                   Doll High Chair and Crib by Jamie G

Files Used: Butterfly Doily by Judy Stark BKD 101
Materials: Vinyl

My daughter received this beautiful high chair and crib for her baby dolls for her birthday last January. The only problem I saw with it is that it's so white and boring!! Nothing a little vinyl and some great Bosskut Diecuts can't fix. :o) There was more I definitely wanted to do but my daughter thought that my playtime with her toys was up. She loved the new additions and even called them her new "toys."

For this project I simply used repositionable vinyl, available for purchase through Bosskut. With just about all of my vinyl projects, I used transfer tape; also available for purchase through Bosskut. This helps to keep the integrity of the design and if I'm applying words, it keeps the spacing as I intended it.

For the high chair, I simply added the Butterfly Doily by Judy Stark BKD 101 to the back of the seat. I have to note here that once I had this cut and weeded, my daughter saw it. She LOVED it and was so excited that it was for her!

With the crib, I added a Butterfly Doily by Judy Stark BKD 101 to each of the doors. I also added the bedtime prayer, "Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, Bless the bed that I lie on. Four corners to my bed. Four angels 'round my head. One to watch and one to pray and two to guide me through the day" to the inside of the where my daughter puts her dolls head.

It still amazes me the difference a little vinyl can make! With the colors available now, it's easy to personalize just about ANYTHING!! Another thing that I absolutely LOVE about repositionable vinyl is fact that it's not permanent. You can change with the seasons or as your mood suits. What will you let your Gazelle help you to "improve?"

Jamie Gillahan – Bosskut Design Team Member

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birth Plate by Jamie G

Files Used: Tiny Cloud by Olivia Myers 0337
Materials: 8.5 plain white plate, repositionable vinyl, ColorBox fluid chalk inkpad

Making a lasting present for someone else that they will cherish is why I love crafting so much!! What parent wouldn't LOVE something that takes the birth of their child and memorializes it for all to see?! For this project I made a birth plate for a couple of dear friends honoring their son.

In Funtime I started with creating a circle that is the same size as the plate that I'm using. Then I created another circle to "show" me where the border of the the plate is. These circles are strictly for guidance and I didn't cut them.

Using the true type font Disney Print, I started by typing out "Colin William" and then fit the text to the inside of the outside circle using this great tutorial by Jules. After I finished playing with the spacing, I added an outline to it. I applied his name to the plate using transfer tape, this made it easier to keep the integrity of the spacing and the arc. With the same technique, I typed out Colin's birthday, August 18, 2010, and applied it to the plate.
For the weight, length, and time I used the true type font Disney Simple and added an outline to it.

The beautiful diecut, Tiny Cloud by Olivia Myers 0337, is made using different color vinyl and layering them as you would with paper. For the cloud, I used ocean ColorBox fluid chalk inkpad to shade the outside and blended it using my finger.

An easy gift for any new parent that they will love!! And according to this article, July, August, and September are popular months for birthdays. :o)

Jamie Gillahan – Bosskut Design Team Member
My Crafting Blog

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Greatest Dad by Kenya G

Hello Everyone,
Kenya here to share a special Father’s Day project the girls and I made for DH. I asked the girls to come up with things that described their dad. What is funny is the youngest one calls him “Honey”! When the other girls were around the same age they called him that as well! It is the funniest and cutest thing ever!  They were the inspiration for our gift to him~

For this project, I modified a shadow box to fit my needs. I took a photo of my DH and placed it in software for editing. In the software, I made his photo into a sketch and lightened it up as much as possible. Then I typed the descriptive words the girls gave me on top and printed it out on linen paper.
 This shadow box is an eclectic collection of things he likes such as hobbies and passion. I wanted it to reflect him. To complete this box, you KNOW I HAD to use my GAZELLE! Hey btw, did you know the GAZELLE is assembled right here in the USA?? Cool right?

? OK, back to the project. For the cuts, I used the Scroll Border. I love how the border gave the box a finished look. I distressed that to make it look like metal. I love how it turned out! I added one to the front and top. I also used the Simple Cross (since DH is a minister) to add to both sides of the box. I added different charms (some were given to me by Mrs. BossKut) and elements that show his interests such as music, writing, nature and etc.
Another thing I love about the GAZELLE is the ENGRAVING TOOL! From time to time, I pull it out to engrave on metal and acetate. You can make some cool affects with it. For this, I kept it simple by engraving the outline of Father’s Day 2012. It was the perfect touch to this project!

I hope you all enjoyed today’s project! Don’t forget to stop by BOSSKUT for more files, supplies and inspiration! Thanks for stopping by, Kenya~


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Magnetic Puzzle by Jamie G

Materials: Cardstock, Family Photos, Xyron laminate/magnet cartridge

With all the wonderful benefits from digital photography, I shamefully admit that after the hundreds of pictures that I take of my beautiful family, my pictures get loaded onto the computer and that's where they stay.

Both of my babies just LOVE to play with magnets on the refrigerator. They also both enjoy helping Mom and Dad put together puzzles. Soooo, that got me to thinking about this project!! I could easily combine the 2 activities using pictures from our family activties that we love the most.

I started out watching this video, available through the Bosskut Training website. Making a puzzle from an image is as simple as a print and cut!! Funtime allows you to choose from a 2x2, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12, 14x14, and 16x16 puzzle. For this project I created two 4x4 puzzles and two 6x6 puzzles. I wanted to keep them smaller so that it would still be easy enough for my babies to work.

After putting 2 pictures on my 8.5x11 work space in Funtime, I added in the crop marks. In the "print setup" menu I made sure that I was printing the best quality. I choose white cardstock to print my pictures on because I was getting better results than using regular computer paper.

Then using my Xyron, I ran the cardstock through the laminate/magnet cartridge. Using a deep cut blade, force 3, speed 2, and ONLY 1 PASS I set up the print and cut. My Gazzy cut B-E-A-uuuutiful!!!

Here are the first 2 pictures that cut still on the mat with a few of the pieces removed. I sized both pictures to be 4.5x6. The top photo of my son is a 4x4 puzzle and the bottom photo of my daughter and son is a 6x6 puzzle.

This photo shows a close up of just how well my Gazzy cut the puzzle pieces through the laminate, cardstock, and magnet!!!

The top puzzle piece is from a 4x4 puzzle and the bottom is from a 6x6 puzzle

I've successfully found a way to decorate my refrigerator with the ones that I love most and create a fun, learning environment for my babies!! Now I don't have to worry about losing the pictures that I've taken to digital space.
This has truly been one of my most favorite projects to date! I hope that you've enjoyed it as well and it has inspired you to find a creative, fun way to display your most cherished memories.

Jamie Gillahan – Bosskut Design Team Member

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father’s Day BossKut " Cardables "

Happy Father’s Day BossKut "Cardables"

Bosskut has announced a new line of Print-n-Cuts designs, "Cardables." This line is exclusively designed for Bosskut by Artist Karen Taglia.

So what are Cardables you ask?

They are predesigned card fronts with jpgs of parts of the design. Example: The above Bear set includes a complete card front ready to print and attach to your card, a print-n-cut of the bear, and background patterns. You can use the full design as is or add your own creative touch as I did above.

To make my card: Below is a screen shot of the bear Cardables I used. I decided to Print and Cut my card and add the bear digital cut to the side of my card.  The digital cut design is also included!

I was able to lay out my pieces onto my step card pattern and print n cut the whole card. I then added onto the steps, the cardstock and sitting bear.
I folded the legs of my cut bear so he is sitting on my 2nd level of the side step card.
Since you are also getting the coordinated backgrounds, you can make tags, flowers or borders to match!!

Judy Stark- Bosskut Design Team Leader

Friday, June 15, 2012

Baby Book by Lori m.

Mini books are so much fun, and what a nice little gift it can make.

Using some of the fantastic baby files from here’s a quick book, all that’s left, add the baby photos.

Isn’t this the cutest stork?

Since bling always makes things look better, I added the pretty rhinestones to the files and a little glitter glue.  Then because I wanted a ruffle effect I decided to emboss a few pages and added the bosskut loopy doily.  I’m really pleased with how they turned out.

Here’s the files used to assemble this pretty in pink book, everything was cut out on my Gazelle.

Lori m. -  Bosskut Design Team

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father’s Day 3D Card By Lori m

I wanted to create something special for my husband for Father’s Day.  I thought a 3D
Card would be just the thing to let him know how much I appreciate all he does.

I’m so happy with this card, sure hope hubby likes it.

Creating a few squares in 5x7 with the centers cut out, added a few foam squares, and next layered the card.

The cruise ship and dolphins are from my favorite file store,

I cut double on the ship’s steam swirls to use as waves by the dolphins, for the other waves, I just cut two rectangles and used the scissor feature in my Gazelle Funtime program. 

Lori m.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Zoo Lay Out by Lori m.

One of my favorite places has to be going to the Zoo.

There’s just something I find very relaxing about the Zoo, along with nature and the beautiful animals.

I had so much fun piecing these files together that I turned this into a two page Layout!

 I hope you’ll visit, and makes these animals part of your cutting files collection.

Here’s what files I used to create my layout.

Have fun, enjoy!

Lori m. - Bosskut Design Team