Saturday, June 9, 2012

Etched Mugs by Jamie G.

Files Used: Scroll by Phyllis Parkins 0986
Materials: Glass Beer Mugs, Etching Cream, Repositional Vinyl

Here's a great, personalized Father's Day gift that he'll sure to love!!

I started out by purchasing a set of 6 glass mugs. In the past I have used contact paper available for purchase at your local grocery stores but have unfortunately not had much luck with it. For some reason, it doesn't seem that the contact paper adheres to the glass very well. So, I have been using repositional vinyl, available for purchase at Bosskut.

For the first glass (the one on the right) in Funtime, I used the true type font AmericanUncIniD and typed out the Irish toast, "May there be a generation of children on the children of your children." Added the Scroll by Phyllis Parkins 0986. Then typed "Happy Father's Day" in the Funtime font Bookman Bold. With the alignment tool, I centered all 3 vertically.

When it came time to cut my vinyl, I made sure to use the weeding option in the Cutting Control Panel. This made it signficantly easier when I started weeding out the vinyl that I wanted to place on the glass mug.

Here's a picture of just how small the letters were cut and how well the Gazelle did!! I used a vinyl blade, force of 1, and a speed of 1. She did just BEAUTIFUL!! Honestly the worst part was weeding each of the small letters. Amazing how you don't notice how many letters have small bits in the middle of them until you have to weed them. At this point you'll see that I was still arguing with where I wanted the small bits placed. :o)

With the second glass I created an image in my PaintShop Pro for the bar that my husband is currently building in our basement. Due to his military background, he's decided to name the bar "Check Point Pub." The beer mugs are from the true type font PrositBats, "Check Point" is the true type font Army, and "Pub" is the true type font BrushScrD.

I saved the image as a jpeg and then imported it into Funtime. After using the vectorization, I cleaned up the image a bit so that I would have a cleaner cut. With a vinyl blade, I cut the image into the vinyl and applied it to the glass mug using transfer tape. I've personally found that the transfer tape is a MUST HAVE when working with vinyl on any project.

Jamie Gillahan – Bosskut Design Team Member

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