Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank You Cards by Jamie G

Materials: Card stock, Pen of choice, rhinestones

For this project, I had several different objectives in mind.
·    To have the envelope and card match.
·    Keep the card design CAS (clean and simple) so that I could easily make lots of them as needed.
·    With the simplicity of the design, I could give sets to family and friends as gifts no matter their taste.
For the snowflake thank you card set, I started in Funtime by taking the layering snowflakes and outlined them. I then changed the line to a kiss cut line.

Using a blue Sharpie pen, I let my Gazelle "cut" out the sentiment and the outline of the snowflake. I replaced the pen with the blade and let my Gazelle cut out the snowflake and the rectangle. I attached the light blue paper to a white card base and simple enough.

The envelope was just as easy. I created the envelope cut file in Funtime and positioned the matching snowflake where I wanted it. Again using the blue Sharpie I "cut" out the snowflake and changed back to the blade to cut and score the envelope.

For the thank you card set with the pop kut sassy bird, in Funtime I choose 2 colors to work with. This made it easy when it came to cutting my project and to differentiate between what I was actually cutting and what I was "cutting" with my pen.

I started by creating 2 rectangles and centering them. The inner rectangle I changed the line to a kiss cut line and made sure that the rectangles had 2 different colors. For the sentiment and the outline of the bird, I made sure to make them the same colors as the kiss cut on the smaller rectangle.

Once I had everything laid out as I wanted it, I inserted a white gel pen into my Gazelle and "cut" the kiss cut rectangle, the sentiment, and the outline of the bird. I exchanged the pen with the blade holder and cut out the rectangle and the wings, and the tail feathers of the bird.

I just loved the way the white gel pen created a perfect faux stitching effect on the rectangle!
As with the previous envelope, I created the cut lines and then placed the bird I wanted it. I "cut" the bird out using a blue Sharpie and then the larger rectangle
The picture below shows the 2 different kiss cut options available in Funtime. You can easily access these by selecting the line that you would like to change, then select Setting > Brush / Pen. Keep in mind that the next line you create will be the last pen option you choose.

Jamie Gillahan – BossKut Design Team Member

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Let it Snow Card by Kenya G

Hello Gazelle Peeps!
Kenya here to share a cute little card using the BossKut Gazelle! Did you know you can use pens and markers in your Gazelle without an additional holder? If you have not tried it, you are in for a treat! For today’s project, I decided to use the Gazelle to draw the snowman image (which came from the shapes library that ships with your Gazelle) and colored it in with Distress Markers.
Ok, it is no secret that I really love the O’Hannah collection! Aside from it being a beautiful cut file, it cuts so smoothly on the Gazelle. This file had become one of my go to files for sure!

The O’Hannah Frame Mat reminds me of a snowflake. I use the O’Hannah to mat the colored image.  I added Stickles to the mat and to the images (nice and sparkly). It turned out great right?
I hope you all enjoyed today’s project! Check out for files and inspiration! Thanks for stopping by, Kenya~


Monday, December 24, 2012

BossKut PopKut Angel w/Tea Light by Judy S

A new ornament for my tree or for a gift.  On our Bosskut owner's forum, we have a Holiday sharing thread going and we are sharing ideas/projects for the holidays.  One of the ladies (Marda) shared using a battery tealight to make ornaments etc. and here is mine! 

I used the newly released PopKut Angel .   The angel has a mat with it and I cut the mat using the aqua glitter paper from Bosskut.  I  cut the angel using 85 wgt cardstock and applied Sookwang tape over the paper. (before cutting)  I cut using my Gazelle and settings were 2 speed,2 force and K/O at 15. I cut it 2 passes.  The sookwang is a little thick and I wanted a nice clean cut. It is best to go 2 passes at a lower force.  My Angel is 6.5 inches tall.

I removed the cross in the design and replaced it with a star.  This is where the battery tealight goes through.  I removed the sookwang film and used glitter and the burnished velvet technique.  Cut my holly for her halo and added a rhinestine.  I then inserted the tealight from the back to the front.  I snipped the little nip off of the tea light with my scissors.  An easy project completed within 20 minutes and after I add ribbon, on the tree it will go!! 

                                                       Happy Holidays!!

                                                       Judy Tesla Stark

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Shirts using Heat Transfer Vinyl by Jamie G

Files Used: Reindeer Cookie Holder by Judy Stark BKD 169
Materials: Heat Transfer Vinyl, Rhinestones

For this shirt I used the reindeer from the the Reindeer Cookie Holder by Judy Stark. I just thought that he'd look so cute peeking out of a pocket of a shirt!

I started with heat transfer brown vinyl for the head and used the beautiful heat transfer red glitter vinyl for the nose. For the eyes, I applied 10ss cobalt rhinestones. It was a VERY easy addition to a simple shirt that's perfect for the holiday season!!

I started by typing out my text in Funtime. For the top portion of the sentiment "It's OK to say" I wanted it to arch. To do this I created an oval and selected both the sentiment and the oval. Then from the top tool bar I clicked on "text" and then "fit text to path." I made my selections in the next control panel that popped up and voila!! Easily done. :o) For a much better tutorial on how to do this in Funtime, be sure the check out Jules tutorial!!

Once everything was as I wanted it, I set everything on my mat in Funtime as I wanted it to appear on the shirt. I didn't cut it this way because that would waste A LOT of material but I'm a very visual person and it helps when lining everything up on the shirt.

Make sure when you cut your design that your vinyl is face up on your mat and the transfer material is on the mat. Cut your design in reverse. Funtime makes this really easy! Once you've created your design, and you're ready to cut, go into the Cutting Control Panel. Under "2. Advance Options" there's an option to "Mirror" your image, select it. I also always select the "Weeding" option when working with vinyl

Once everything was cut and weeded, I started at the top and ironed everything onto my shirt. With this design there was 3 different things to iron on, the top sentiment, the nativity scene, and the bottom sentiment. After the first one was ironed on, I made sure that the iron did NOT touch the vinyl that was already done. I didn't want to overheat the vinyl and cause it to melt.

•1. Cut design in reverse Note: Weed design carefully!
•2. Prepare heat press at 300 to 350 degrees F
•3. Press for 15-20 seconds with medium pressure (note: too much pressure will result in glitter baking off of transfer)
•4. Peel backing cold
Can be applied with a hot iron. Set the iron to cotton linen setting. No steam. Place a cover sheet, kraft paper, cloth etc. over transfer and heat for 15 to 20 seconds. Turn to inside of garment and heat again for 15 to 20 seconds. Be sure you test your fabric first.
Washing instructions:
Wash cool temperature. Turn garment inside out. Tumble dry up to 140 degrees.

Jamie Gillahan – BossKut Design Team Member
My Crafting Blog

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thank You Bosskut Design Team

   A BIG thank you to the Bosskut Design Team Members and Guest Designers for all of your great projects, hard work and dedication.  It has truly been a pleasure working with all of you this year!!


       Judy Stark                            Kenya Guard                         Jamie Gillahan


Lori m.                                        Debbie Grommet

Design Team Blogs:

Judy Stark :

Kenya Guard:  

Jamie Gillahan:

Lori m. :

John and Phyllis Parkins  -  Bosskut

Judy Stark-  Bosskut Design Team Leader


Hello Gazelle Lovers!
I have three children in school this year and the Christmas season is literally around the corner. We all know what that means! Yep, you got it! I need to make teachers’ gifts. I already have some gifts in mind for the regular teachers because we have a good rapport. However, what on earth do you get people who volunteer? Of course they deserve a gift. Well if you are in a similar situation, this post is for you!

Today, we are making a simple hot chocolate holder. How many times have I mentioned the FREE cuts that come with Fun Time when the Gazelle is purchased? Hmmm, several! I keep mentioning them because 1) they are FREE 2) they are awesome 3) you have several images to play with as soon as you set up your Gazelle…why not use them? I used one of the 3D images that are the shapes library for the holder.

Have you seen the new releases? Oh boy, they should get us in the holiday spirit for sure! The new Chocolate Mug with Candy Stick file was exactly what I needed for this project! I am still amazed at how well the candy stick cut on the BossKut Gazelle considering how small it is! It is less than .5” in width!
To jazz it up a little bit, for the whipped cream, I used puffy paint. Honestly, this file is super cute without the “extras”.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s project! If you are in a pinch, this quick and inexpensive project is the way to go. Check out for this file and others! Thanks for stopping by, Kenya~


Candle Holder and Ring by Debbie G.

Candle holder and ring,

     For this project you will need a an inexpensive glass vase, a piece of wire big enough to wrap around the base of your glass, some sticky-backed vinyl,  glass etching  cream, ribbon, glitter paper and brads. (Vinyl, glitter paper, and etching cream are available at

     I used  0576 poinsettia and sized it to 1 inch and cut about 20 of them out of vinyl, placed them randomly all over my glass. I then covered the entire piece with a thick coat of etching cream and let it set 10 minutes.  Then wash your glass thoroughly with warm water, remove the vinyl and let dry. I resized the poinsettia to about 2.5” this is not precise you want it to be big enough to cover the bottom of your vase multiply it enough to wrap around your vase and cut them out of glitter paper. Crease and stack together your poinsettia and secure with brad. Next form your wire into a ring use hot glut to attach poinsettias to the wire. Finish up with ribbon between the poinsettias.

Dog Tag by Kenya Guard

Hi Everyone!
The other day I was outside with my dog Rico. We adopted him a little over two years ago. He is definitely a part of the family. As he was sniffing around, it dawned on me that he does not have an identification tag. Yes he is micro chipped, but what if he could be returned without having to go through the trouble of taking him to the pound? It would be so much easier IF the day ever came for the person who finds him to read his tag. I pray he is never lost, but at least now he is taken care of. And guess what? It only took a few minutes to do using my Gazelle!
I used the Engraving Tool for this project! I enjoy using this tool and know you will too! If nothing else, you can make your own dog tags…and perhaps make a little change on the side J I simply used one of the fonts that ship with the Gazelle. I also imported a dog bone shape into Fun Time. In the software, you can engrave the outline, inside or both of the image. I decided to go with both. You can choose the type of line as well as how engraved you want the image. I went with an S line spaced out a bit. I thought it made the image look fun.

On the backside of the tag, I typed in my contact information and that was it! This only took a few minutes to do, but it will save me heart ache if the unthinkable happens…well worth the effort!

 I hope you all enjoyed today’s project! Check out for files and inspiration! Thanks for stopping by, Kenya~

Holiday Magnets by Judy S

My Grand- daughter should have material which is not smooth so she can feel the textures.  Feeling textures builds up /stimulates her touch sensors.  If you have or know of children with this disorder/Austism, this makes a great gift for them!! Check with their parents first, as they may be hypersensitive to textures. 

Using my Bosskut Gazelle machine, I cut thick magnet vinyl.  Betsey, a Gazelle owner on our forum, suggested buying magnetic air vent covers from your local hardware store. also has magnetic vinyl for purchase.

 These vent covers are thicker than regular magnet material and my Gazelle cut it without a problem!!  Patterns used for designs are available at

 Materials used was faux football vinyl,thick mulberry paper, and glitter paper from  A word about the glitter paper I used; it is covered with a sealant and doesn't flake. This paper is gorgous and cuts well!  All the materials used are textured and Presley will love playing with these, feeling them and hopefully not eat them!   Further directions available on the Fall Pumpkin post from last month.

Happy Holidays!   Judy Tesla- Stark

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Gift Card Holders by Jamie G

Materials: Card stock, ribbon, glitter paper

Being a military family, we have family everywhere. I have nephews in California and nieces in Japan. I live in Michigan!! I would much prefer to give gifts for my nieces and nephews to open on Christmas day, but unfortunately shipping costs can really put a strain on an already very budget conscious month.

That's leads me to this project. I like to send gift cards so that they can go shopping at their favorite store! Now, I can't just send a gift as impersonal as a gift card and NOT do something special!! That would be a crafting crime and my Gazelle so loves the work. :o)

Starting out in Funtime I created a very basic and simple card to hold my gift card. Then using the true type font Honey Script, I typed out the names that I needed for each card and welded the letters together. With the awesome feature to use ANY pen, I put a Sharpie in where the blade holder would go and let my Gazelle "cut" out the names for me! I replaced the pen with the blade holder and then cut out the journaling block around the names. Then I secured the name tag to the gift card holder with ribbon.

For my beautiful nieces, the Pop Kut Angel was the only one that I personally thought fit perfectly for them! I added gold stickles around the halo and clear stickles for accents to her.

For my handsome nephews I used the Snowman and Penguin. For the whites of the snowmen and penguins I used a mixture of half white glue and half shaving cream for added texture.
With the snowmen I used the beautiful blue glitter paper, available at Boss Kut, for the scarf and the trim on the hat.

The penguins are decked out in their red glitter hat and scarf. To give those cute little cheeks a rosy glow, I used a Q-tip dipped in some ink and dabbed it on.


These 6 gift card holders are finally ready for some very special kiddos! Now, I just need to get to the store and get those gift cards.

Jamie Gillahan – BossKut Design Team Member
My Crafting Blog

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A BossKut....Christmas! by Lori m. and designer Judy Stark added a little more holiday spirit to our home. 

 I finished a few more snowflakes for the tree and finished the 12 days of Christmas banner I had been working on.

I'm loving the ease of just using files from rather then designing my own.  A big time saver this year.

For the banner I used Judy's Victorian Ornament with Holly and bow, there's a lot to this file and just so many fun ways to finish it for projects. 

On our Christmas tree the new snowflake added this year is from the layering Snowflake Collection by Debbie Grommet.   Even though I chose not to layer this one, you'll have many options for creating some stunning projects with the file.

Enjoy, blessings and hugs, Lori m

Friday, December 14, 2012


Hello Gazelle Lovers!

Kenya here to share some last minute and inexpensive home d├ęcor or gift ideas with you. As many of you know, I LOVE vinyl! One reason is because it cuts so beautifully on the BossKut Gazelle. The other reason is you can customize SO many things with it.

Today, I am sharing two projects (dinner napkin and hand towels) using Heat Transfer Vinyl which can be purchased at For both projects I used the Mini Holly Collection. There are so many files in this collection. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I decided to only use the holly.

I brought the file into FunTime and typed in the family’s name. When cutting HTV, make sure you mirror the images. I cut them out on the BossKut Gazelle using the vinyl blade with a speed of three and a force of 4 (because of the glitter vinyl). I did not do a kiss cut on this particular type of vinyl like I normally do. I used my heat press for the projects, but a good ole trusty iron will work too with a Teflon sheet. PLEASE make sure your images do not shift! One of mine did, BUT this is just for my home so it did not bother me much!

First I started with the holly and the lettering. I heated it for approximately 10 seconds. I peeled off the plastic and applied the berries and set it for another 10-15 seconds. Peel off the plastic. That is it! My kitchen is festive and I have some cool napkins too J

I hope you enjoyed today’s project. Please stop by for files, supplies and inspiration, Kenya~

*Please note, if you are gifting Terry Cloth towels, please let the recipient know they are for decoration only! The vinyl can peel due to the type of cloth. The napkins are fine to use J


Monday, December 10, 2012

Joy Word Holiday Book by Kenya G

Hi Gazelle Lovers!
I don’t know about you, but sometimes it is hard for me to think of interactive handmade gifts for people. I mean, everyone in my circle is not scrappers. Honestly, when people find out I make cards and I scrapbook, I get the eyebrow…to get them involved (without them knowing) I found mini albums are the ticket! However, they can be very time consuming. In the end though they are worth it because people add their own photos and they truly treasure them!
One of the new releases consisted of a “Joy” Word Mini Book. All of the work was done for me and I am going to look like I worked on this chipboard mini album for a long time (it didn’t take long…shhh).

This project was pretty straight forward. The first step was to cut the file with chipboard. Next I cut it in the pattern paper twice (one mirrored for the backs). I also cut the word Joy separately in chipboard.

 Once I had the album assembled, I used the O’Hannah Oval file for the label and corner. They were heat embossed with gold embossing power.

. I also cut the Swirly Holiday Tree file in glitter paper (can be purchased at The tree file is very intricate to begin with, but to cut glitter paper can be scary. However, I was not afraid cutting it with the Gazelle. As you can see, it cut like butter! The photos can be place under the corners and the tree.
I hope you all enjoyed today’s project! Check out for these files and inspiration! Thanks for stopping by, Kenya~

CHRISTMAS 2012 LAYOUT by Debbie Grommet

For this Christmas layout I used the newly released cutting files from .
The pinecone and leaves, candle with fern, bell,  angel with halo, and long bow were simple to use and made decorating this layout a breeze. The font used was Brush Script in your funtime software. (I did not use the connect version of the font so that I could weld the number into the word.)
The papers are Home for the Holidays from Fancy pants. I sprayed the ivory background papers with Olive Vine glimmer mist from Tattered Angel to add a littler shimmer.
Debbie G
Files Used:


Files Used: Coffee Mug with Candy stick by Judy Stark BKD 157, Snowflake II by Phyllis Parkins 0876
Materials: Cardstock, vellum, rhinestones, brad, cotton ball

While I feel that generosity spread year round is the best, it always seems this time of year that most people want to give. I believe that's way this is my most favorite time of year, well, that and of course the snow (I live in Northern Michigan). This really makes it easy to think of projects that include giving a little something else to someone and put a smile on a face.

Here's a simple gift that you can give to family, friends, or co-workers. You could also easily tie the ribbon at the top with a loop in it to leave on the handle at home of someone that may need a little extra warmth.

I started by creating a cut file in Funtime that created a 2-sided pocket bag. I rounded the corners of opposing ends and added 2 holes to each end for the ribbon. When I'm done decorating my bag, I'll add a packet of hot chocolate to each side along with a candy cane.

When BossKut showed off the coffee mug as a new release I LOVED IT!! Such a cute design and the details are beautiful. When I cut the straw out of the awesome glitter paper available at BossKut there was absolutely no glitter flaking and my Gazelle cut through it with ease. I saved the negatives from the straw to add into the cool whip, hey, no wasted paper here! ;o) For the cool whip, I added a piece that I tore from a cotton ball.

For the beautiful snowflake, I started in Funtime by adding a border. Then I changed the blade in my Gazelle to the embossing tool and put a sheet of vellum on my embossing mat. Using a force of 3 and 3 passes, I "cut" the snowflake and all the details of the snowflake. After the image was embossed on the vellum, I changed back to my blade. I changed the force to 1 and the passes back to 1 and cut out the border around the snowflake.

Then I used a brad to secure the snowflake to my mug and added some rhinestones.

Jamie Gillahan – BossKut Design Team Member
My Crafting Blog

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