Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Candle Holder and Ring by Debbie G.

Candle holder and ring,

     For this project you will need a an inexpensive glass vase, a piece of wire big enough to wrap around the base of your glass, some sticky-backed vinyl,  glass etching  cream, ribbon, glitter paper and brads. (Vinyl, glitter paper, and etching cream are available at www.bosskut.com)

     I used  0576 poinsettia and sized it to 1 inch and cut about 20 of them out of vinyl, placed them randomly all over my glass. I then covered the entire piece with a thick coat of etching cream and let it set 10 minutes.  Then wash your glass thoroughly with warm water, remove the vinyl and let dry. I resized the poinsettia to about 2.5” this is not precise you want it to be big enough to cover the bottom of your vase multiply it enough to wrap around your vase and cut them out of glitter paper. Crease and stack together your poinsettia and secure with brad. Next form your wire into a ring use hot glut to attach poinsettias to the wire. Finish up with ribbon between the poinsettias.

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Jamie_G said...

Absolutely beautiful!! Love this project!