Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dog Tag by Kenya Guard

Hi Everyone!
The other day I was outside with my dog Rico. We adopted him a little over two years ago. He is definitely a part of the family. As he was sniffing around, it dawned on me that he does not have an identification tag. Yes he is micro chipped, but what if he could be returned without having to go through the trouble of taking him to the pound? It would be so much easier IF the day ever came for the person who finds him to read his tag. I pray he is never lost, but at least now he is taken care of. And guess what? It only took a few minutes to do using my Gazelle!
I used the Engraving Tool for this project! I enjoy using this tool and know you will too! If nothing else, you can make your own dog tags…and perhaps make a little change on the side J I simply used one of the fonts that ship with the Gazelle. I also imported a dog bone shape into Fun Time. In the software, you can engrave the outline, inside or both of the image. I decided to go with both. You can choose the type of line as well as how engraved you want the image. I went with an S line spaced out a bit. I thought it made the image look fun.

On the backside of the tag, I typed in my contact information and that was it! This only took a few minutes to do, but it will save me heart ache if the unthinkable happens…well worth the effort!

 I hope you all enjoyed today’s project! Check out BossKut.com for files and inspiration! Thanks for stopping by, Kenya~

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