Monday, December 10, 2012


Files Used: Coffee Mug with Candy stick by Judy Stark BKD 157, Snowflake II by Phyllis Parkins 0876
Materials: Cardstock, vellum, rhinestones, brad, cotton ball

While I feel that generosity spread year round is the best, it always seems this time of year that most people want to give. I believe that's way this is my most favorite time of year, well, that and of course the snow (I live in Northern Michigan). This really makes it easy to think of projects that include giving a little something else to someone and put a smile on a face.

Here's a simple gift that you can give to family, friends, or co-workers. You could also easily tie the ribbon at the top with a loop in it to leave on the handle at home of someone that may need a little extra warmth.

I started by creating a cut file in Funtime that created a 2-sided pocket bag. I rounded the corners of opposing ends and added 2 holes to each end for the ribbon. When I'm done decorating my bag, I'll add a packet of hot chocolate to each side along with a candy cane.

When BossKut showed off the coffee mug as a new release I LOVED IT!! Such a cute design and the details are beautiful. When I cut the straw out of the awesome glitter paper available at BossKut there was absolutely no glitter flaking and my Gazelle cut through it with ease. I saved the negatives from the straw to add into the cool whip, hey, no wasted paper here! ;o) For the cool whip, I added a piece that I tore from a cotton ball.

For the beautiful snowflake, I started in Funtime by adding a border. Then I changed the blade in my Gazelle to the embossing tool and put a sheet of vellum on my embossing mat. Using a force of 3 and 3 passes, I "cut" the snowflake and all the details of the snowflake. After the image was embossed on the vellum, I changed back to my blade. I changed the force to 1 and the passes back to 1 and cut out the border around the snowflake.

Then I used a brad to secure the snowflake to my mug and added some rhinestones.

Jamie Gillahan – BossKut Design Team Member
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