Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Gift Card Holders by Jamie G

Materials: Card stock, ribbon, glitter paper

Being a military family, we have family everywhere. I have nephews in California and nieces in Japan. I live in Michigan!! I would much prefer to give gifts for my nieces and nephews to open on Christmas day, but unfortunately shipping costs can really put a strain on an already very budget conscious month.

That's leads me to this project. I like to send gift cards so that they can go shopping at their favorite store! Now, I can't just send a gift as impersonal as a gift card and NOT do something special!! That would be a crafting crime and my Gazelle so loves the work. :o)

Starting out in Funtime I created a very basic and simple card to hold my gift card. Then using the true type font Honey Script, I typed out the names that I needed for each card and welded the letters together. With the awesome feature to use ANY pen, I put a Sharpie in where the blade holder would go and let my Gazelle "cut" out the names for me! I replaced the pen with the blade holder and then cut out the journaling block around the names. Then I secured the name tag to the gift card holder with ribbon.

For my beautiful nieces, the Pop Kut Angel was the only one that I personally thought fit perfectly for them! I added gold stickles around the halo and clear stickles for accents to her.

For my handsome nephews I used the Snowman and Penguin. For the whites of the snowmen and penguins I used a mixture of half white glue and half shaving cream for added texture.
With the snowmen I used the beautiful blue glitter paper, available at Boss Kut, for the scarf and the trim on the hat.

The penguins are decked out in their red glitter hat and scarf. To give those cute little cheeks a rosy glow, I used a Q-tip dipped in some ink and dabbed it on.


These 6 gift card holders are finally ready for some very special kiddos! Now, I just need to get to the store and get those gift cards.

Jamie Gillahan – BossKut Design Team Member
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