Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Files Used: Heart Doily by Phyllis Parkins BKD 092, Heart Doily by Judy Stark BKD 081,
Materials: Vellum, computer printer

I've seen lamp shades on wine glasses circulating on Pinterest and other craft blogs. I immediately loved the look of them and knew that I had to create my own. Seemed simple enough, until I decided to create my own cut file instead of importing an already existing template available. I started with trial and error and ended with a lot more error.

I really wanted to be able to make my own cut file for the simple fact I wanted to be able to share that within the Boss Kut Forum and I wanted a custom fit for the specific wine glasses I was using. With little success on my own, I commissioned my dearest husband for the math part that I was missing. He figured out the size of the large circle, small circle, and how much I needed to cut away from it to create the size cone I wanted to end with. He did explain it to me and I honestly tried to understand but I'm thinking that if I need help again I know just where to go. :o)

These beautiful wine glass lamp shades would be perfect sitting out on the table for that romantic dinner. With a battery operated tea light, these little shades are perfect to create a personalized dinner.

For the these 2 lamp shades, I used the embossing tool and embossing mat to emboss the vellum with the Heart Doily by Phyllis Parkins BKD 092 and the Heart Doily by Judy Stark BKD 081. For both of these, I chose a lower force setting of 2 and did multiple passes (4) to get the look I wanted.

For the Heart Doily by Phyllis Parkins BKD 092 (pictured above on the right) I increased the size to match the size of the shade and cut it in quarters. I only used 1/4 of the heart doily because I wanted to large swirls for this shade.

With the Heart Doily by Judy Stark BKD 081 (pictured above on the left) I used multiple copies of it at different sizes and just placed them over the lamp shade cut file in different places. Another idea for this would be to emboss just the outside of the heart doily and then cut out the smaller pieces inside. I think that it would make the lamp shade look like it was made from actual doilies. Sometimes it's amazing what you see and can come up with after a project is complete!!

The lamp shade above was easily done using the scissors available in Funtime. I had to start over with the cut file by creating the 2 circles. With the largest circle, I chose the type of scissors I wanted and used the largest setting for the cut. Then I multiplied that circle by 2 and changed the sizes. I cut the circles in quarters and kept only 1/4 for my cut file. I embossed the middle 2 and cut the shade. This could be easily embellished with adhesive pearls, rhinestones, or whatever else you can think of.

I love the way text looks on vellum, just one of those things I guess. For the shade above, I started in Funtime on my lamp shade file. Then depending on how many lines of text I wanted on my shade I created that many circles, all various sizes. I typed out the text and then fit the text to path. After I had all the text typed out, I grouped it all together and mirrored the image. I did this because I think that having the text printed on the "back" of the vellum gives it a softer appearance. After doing that it completely displaces the text on the shade, so I had rotate the text back to the original placement.

My children will be with their grandparents this year for Valentine's Day, so I wanted to make something that they would enjoy from us. For my 2 1/2 year-old son, I made the shade with the alphabet with the "I" "O (replaced with a heart)" and "U" for him to enjoy at dinner. My 4 year- old daughter will enjoy the one with the song "You Are My Sunshine" on it. She absolutely loves to sing that song. My parents have assured me that they will put those out on the dinner table for my babies.

While I tell my family I love them frequently, I love celebrating Valentine's Day. I love making sure they know just how very much I do love them and how very special they are to me.

Please be sure to check out the Boss Kut Forum for the wine glass lamp shade and if you have any questions please feel to post a question or private message me and I'll be happy to help you personalize your lamp shade!

Jamie Gillahan – BossKut Design Team Member
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Valentine's Cake by Lori m.

Need a fun Valentine’s Day centerpiece?  Here’s an idea, take a Styrofoam ring; mine was 8” in diameter and 2” high.

Using my Gazelle, I cut my card stock to cover the inside and outside of my mold. I cut a circle 9”, and used my Gazelle Funtime software, scissors feature to create the scalloped edge; this will become my cake base.

The next, part was easy using a few cute die cuts from The hardest part here was trying to decide which files I was going to use.

Honestly, what Valentine cake wouldn’t be complete without a few love bugs, and pretty hearts?

Bling, and ruffles, add a little lace, some glossy accents, pearls, flowers, rhinestones and you’re finished.

I decided to add a candle to the center of mine. It looks much nicer glowing with the lights off.  
Here are the Files I used:

4. Flowers

Have fun, there so many possibilities using one small Styrofoam ring, imagine a double decker cake using two rings.


Lori m. - Bosskut Design Team Member

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Etched Candle Holders by Jamie G

Files Used: Great Outdoor Tree by Olivia Myers 0974, Snowflake available in Funtime
Materials: Armour Etch (glass etching cream), repositionable vinyl,

I love the way that a candle can add that warm feeling to a house and I love having them on in my house. Unfortunately, with a 4 and 2 year-old in the house that's not the wisest of ideas. So thanks to those cute little electronic tea lights I can have some of that glow around the house without the fear of my babies getting hurt.

One evening I was watching my son with one of my candle holders and I noticed how plain it was . . . PROJECT IDEA!! Opening the tree in Funtime, I copied it so that I had 3 of them and then sized them each differently. I cut out several of each size in repositionable vinyl and placed them around the holder. I just thought that these adorable trees looked perfect with the rocks in the holder and a bit of the tea light flickering in the background as a camp fire would.

I applied a thick layer of the etching cream to the trees and then used a q-tip to apply dots to the top edge. Personally, I've found that if I leave the cream on for about 7-8 minutes and then move the cream around, sometimes applying more and then leaving it on again for another 7-8 minutes I get the best even etch. Don't be afraid to play around with it, you may find something that works better for you!

Also, don't forget to check out the images that you have available in the blue book in Funtime! There's so many and that's where I found this beautiful snowflake.

I haven't looked at plain glass the same way since I first tried etching. Once you start crafting and find a technique you like, it's really hard NOT to enhance them to your liking! :o)

Jamie Gillahan – BossKut Design Team Member
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Monday, January 21, 2013


Have you seen all those beautiful painted Mason jars all around? Well, for me, it’s a painted pickle jar and I love it! My first idea was to make, mine in pink tones and zebra stripes, which would have been pretty too. Instead, I decided to just make more of a swirly pink and white painted jar. Mixing Mod Podge, food coloring and a little water this is what I came up with. I let the first coat dry, and then took a brush inside to make some scrapes so that the next white coat would be a more of a textured look.

I had some dollar store white carnations and wanted them to match my vase a little bit so I used my pink Stamping up ink pad and ran it over the top edges. Of course it needed a little more bling and what better than using a cute ballerina bug from It still needed a little more, to achieve the look, I was aiming for. So by adding the pretty pink Rhinestones and ribbon, it finally was complete. There you have it, my newly painted and recycled pickle jar. Lori m. - Bosskut Gazelle Design Team Member

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let it Snow Wreath by Jamie G

Materials: Wreath, Glitter Paper, push pins, rhinestones, fishing line

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we've no place to go
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

So, maybe this is considered a Christmas song but I personally feel that it's more of a seasonal song and should be played at least until February. :o) Can't help, LOVE this song and I LOVE the snow! Weird, maybe, but I've come to terms with that and I'm definitely OK with it.

There's just something about the fresh fallen snow when it's really cold outside and the sun is shining. I just love the when the snow sparkles, I imagine you can almost see each individual snowflake. The glitter paper that Boss Kut sells is perfect to achieve this look and pictures really don't do it justice. The glitter doesn't flake off, the Gazelle cuts it easily, and beautifully!!

I recently had the opportunity to work with another brand of glitter paper and was left disappointed. I swear I was covered in as much of the glitter as the project was! 100% convinced me to stick with Boss Kut glitter paper.

Onto this project! I started with a white Styrofoam wreath and added some snow to it with Mod Podge. I could have easily just kept the wreath as was but I wanted some sparkle and added dimension to it.

I then cut out several different shapes of the Snowflakes 0598, Snowflake by Phyllis Parkins 0875, and Snowflake II by Phyllis Parkins 0876 in 3 different colors of glitter paper.
Then I typed out "LET," "IT," and "SNOW" in the Funtime font Cooper Black. For the word "SNOW" I removed the "O" and just added spaces so that I could add the snowflake. With all the words, I outlined them twice so that I could add all the colors to my sentiment

Using fishing line, I hung the sentiment and a couple of the snowflakes to the center of my wreath.

With the snowflakes on the wreath, I simply used push pins to attach them to the Styrofoam. I really like how easy using the push pins are and it make it simple to rearrange it until I got it just as I liked it.
Jamie Gillahan – BossKut Design Team Member
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snow Days Card by Judy Stark

                         FREE WPC FILE and PRINT-n-CUT in the Bosskut Owners forum

A card I made for the holidays using the free Funtime snowman with tree file. ( in your Bluebook)  I added the snow and title to the file and the extract white from black feature using my Funtime software.  I then added a background mat and ice cycles.  Cut this with my Bosskut Gazelle using 85 wgt cardstock, settings at K/O 15, force and speed at 2. I then added my glitter to the snow and ice cycles and my card is done!  

Happy Holidays!
Judy Stark

Saturday, January 5, 2013

LET IT SNOW LAYOUT by Debbie Grommet

This 2-page layout is all about the beauty of snow. It is a special place to display your winter pictures. The snow flakes were created using the layering snowflakes available at . I cut the snow flakes using Jewel Blue and Opal White glitter papers by Best Creations, these can be purchased at 
 Put the snow flakes together using pop dots and add a bit of bling. The papers are Powdered Mountain from Bobunny and the font I used is Hobos in your funtime software.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Scene by Jamie

Files Used: String of Lights by Judy Stark BKD 165, Bunny Silhouette by Karen Taglia 0341,
Materials: Card stock, embroidery thread, Glossy Accents, Mod Podge, fine glitter

For this project, I started out by following Terri's video on how to convert any digital coloring book page to a piecing or print & cut file. I found a great site with some beautiful Christmas coloring pages and printed the page in the recommended PDF format. Or you could right click on the image and save image as a PNG to your computer. Either way, Funtime can import the image to create a cut file. I just LOVE the fact that Funtime can import all sorts of file types including SVG, DXF, EPS, AI, PDF, images (JPG, BMP . . . ), and several others!!

Then I imported the Christmas House Coloring Page and used the auto vecto to create the cut file. I changed the color of the lines so that when it came to cutting out specific colors I was only cutting out the shapes that I needed in each color.

Since this was a larger image, I duplicated the whole image and changed the pen style to the kiss cut. I made sure to leave my outer most rectangle as the regular cut. Doing this allows me to cut out the rectangle (in this case) and then leave the pattern to follow while I'm piecing my page together! Love this tip, BIG thank to Terri for this one!! Make sure to watch the entirety of the video shared above to see how easy this is to do.

Once all my pieces were cut out, I glued them onto my background. I then mixed a small amount of some fine glitter with Mod Podge and "painted" it on to the snow. It's just something to see freshly fallen snow when the sun is shinning that simply amazes me!!

Since you can't complete a winter scene without some adorable woodland creatures, I added in a couple of the Bunny Silhouette by Karen Taglia. Hey, bunnies are just for Easter!! ;o) These little bunnies measure 0.477 by 0.363! Very tiny and my Gazelle did an incredible job at some very clean cuts.

Using green embroidery thread, I outlined the house where I wanted to string the Christmas lights. Then using the individual lights from the String of Lights by Judy Stark I cut some out and applied them to the string. To give the light bulbs more dimension I added some Glossy Accent Tones. How big are the light bulbs you ask? Each one measures 0.139 by 0.217. Once again, my Gazelle doesn't disappoint. She cut each one beautifully!!

I wrapped a jump ring (usually used with making jewelry) with green embroidery thread for the wreath on the door.

I originally made this with the thought of if being a card but as I put more into it I've decided to frame it. I had so much fun with this simple paper piecing that I'm already on the hunt for more coloring book pages that I can create with!!

Jamie Gillahan – BossKut Design Team Member
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