Monday, January 21, 2013


Have you seen all those beautiful painted Mason jars all around? Well, for me, it’s a painted pickle jar and I love it! My first idea was to make, mine in pink tones and zebra stripes, which would have been pretty too. Instead, I decided to just make more of a swirly pink and white painted jar. Mixing Mod Podge, food coloring and a little water this is what I came up with. I let the first coat dry, and then took a brush inside to make some scrapes so that the next white coat would be a more of a textured look.

I had some dollar store white carnations and wanted them to match my vase a little bit so I used my pink Stamping up ink pad and ran it over the top edges. Of course it needed a little more bling and what better than using a cute ballerina bug from It still needed a little more, to achieve the look, I was aiming for. So by adding the pretty pink Rhinestones and ribbon, it finally was complete. There you have it, my newly painted and recycled pickle jar. Lori m. - Bosskut Gazelle Design Team Member

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