Friday, March 30, 2012

Quick Flower Tutorial by Kenya G

Hello Everyone!
Today I wanted to share a simple and quick flower tutorial using the Forget Me Nots (0532) file. I used this file to make roses J.
You will need cardstock, water bottle/mini misters and adhesive. I personally like to use white cardstock and color the flowers with Glimmer Mist. Ink for edges and heating tool are optional.
1.       Open your Forget Me Nots (0532) file in Fun Time
2.       Break the group of flowers and remove the centers and leaves (optional) Leave centers if you are going to add steams.
3.  Once the file is cut, remove from your BossKut Gazelle mat. For smaller flowers, I use three layers, larger flowers I like to use five layers. * You may want to ink the edges of your flowers if you choose*
4.       Pinch all of your layers making sure the inter layer is pinched tighter than the outer layers.
5.       Starting with the center, cup the petals and glue (I like to use a glue gun).
6.       When gluing the middle to the second layer, add adhesive to the bottom and to the sides. *make sure not to put adhesive all the way to the top; you will need to bend the petals down later*
7.       Continue to layer the staggering them to the previous layer adding adhesive to the bottoms only.
8.       Once all of the layers are adhered, sprits the flower with water/glimmer mist just enough to get moist, but not overly saturated.
8A. Instead of using water, you may take a pen, embossing tool and bend the petals-it is harder to manipulate the petals using this method, but it works.
9.       Start to bend back the petals until you are satisfied with the rose.
10.   Wait until dry or speed the process with a heat tool
Now you have a beautiful rose for your projects! I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial. Pop over to BossKut to purchase this file and others.
 Thanks for stopping by,
Bosskut Design Team Member

Mother's Day Box w/Flowers by Kenya G

Hello Everyone!
I know it is only the end of March, but my mind is already on Mother’s Day! With everything that has been going on with my mom these last few weeks, this one will have to be extra special. I would like to share a gift idea with you for all of those special women in your life.
I made this treat container from a 3D file that can be found in your Fun Time Software Library. There are several images that can be found in the FT library that range from flowers to religion! Sweet! I know I was happy when I discovered all of the goodies available. You have enough to get started right out the box! The Funtime Software is included with your Bosskut Gazelle.  
All you need is paper and your imagination!
When I do projects with files, I like to not only use them for what they are, but I like to see what else I can do with them. The roses and cherry blossoms were made from the same file which was the Forget Me Nots (0532). I also used a single layer of the Daisy (0616) file as a background flower.
The flowers are layered on top of the Round Lace Florette (0790). This cut is VERY detailed and the BossKut Gazelle had no problem cutting this lacy flower. Please note I only used the lacy part of the file!!!
I do not have a Happy Mother’s Day stamp so I used a marker for the sentiment. Can you tell I love using my own markers/pens? It is so simple to put a pen in the blade carriage of the BossKut Gazelle. Again, no extra accessories needed! Moving on, the sentiment is framed with the new Presleys Curls- by Judy Stark I cannot begin to explain how nicely this file cut on my BossKut Gazelle. As you can see, this is a very detailed cut.
There you have it! A fast and beautiful gift to give to someone special! I hope you enjoyed today’s project,
 Kenya~  Bosskut Design Team Member
*This project can be used for ANY occasion! Just fill it with your recipient’s favorite treat ;)*

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


       This Batman quilt is my newest quilt design.  A friend of mine has a nephew named Joel. Joel loves Batman.  My friend and I were on a quilt shop hop when we ran across a Batman Panel. The little quilt shop also had some coordinating fabrics which we also purchased.  I volunteered to make Joel a quilt with the fabrics we purchased.
     I might add that having a Gazelle makes designing very easy, as you will see.  I began searching the internet and came across some coloring book pages with a Batmobile  (Kids and Fun) and the Batman Signal (printer kids). They were free to download for children to color. In this case I downloaded them and vectorized the pages. 
     The first thing I do is iron on my Pellon 805 to the back of my fabric. 
 I then place it on my mat and with a roller I roll out the bubbles and wrinkles. I am then ready to stick the cutting mat in the Gazelle and begin cutting.
The bat mobile after I vectorized it was ready to draw and cut. I first had the Gazelle draw the bat mobile in the Funtime Software, using a white chalk pencil which I purchased at the quilt shop. Out of all the disappearing pencils I had purchased this one worked well on the black fabric. I want to also say that it started off drawing real well but as it drew the design the chalk began to fade.  Once it faded and was very light I pushed my red button on the Gazelle and stopped the machine. I then took the pencil out and sharpened it and placed it back into the Gazelle. It is important not to move the plotter as you take the pencil out and then replace it. I then pushed the red button and the Gazelle finished drawing the design.  I have never had to do this but I think with the pencil being chalk that it wore down before the design was finished. Some pencils do better than others.
Once the Bosskut Gazelle had drawn the bat mobile, I then placed the blade in without moving the plotter and then I had the Gazelle cut around the Bat mobile.
The picture above shows the Bat Mobile after the Gazelle had drawn the design. I then had the Gazelle cut around the Bat Mobile.  This is what it looked like once I removed the extra fabric from the cutting mat. 
Once I had it cut out I then ironed it onto my fabric and with silver metallic thread (Coats and Clark) I sewed a straight stitch on the pencil markings. Here is the finished results.
I must say here that I had sewed it on this light blue fabric but then changed my mind and decided to sew it on the batman fabric instead because I did not like the light blue fabric.  I basically cut around this fabric and then appliquéd it to the batman fabric.
        The bat signal was a coloring book page. I downloaded it and vectorized it with my Funtime.  The Gazelle first cut the yellow oval. I then programmed it to cut out the black oval and the batman signal.
I then ironed the black pieces on the yellow and appliquéd them to the quilt.
The scene at the bottom I basically just used the drawing of different figures (circle, square, rectangle, and arrow) to draw a silhouette of St. Louis, since we live in Missouri. I figured Batman must look out for us here in Missouri. I also used the house design (which came with our gazelle under shapes, click on general. You will see the house). I basically made four of them and placed them together and welded them and then the gazelle cut them out. That shape is to the left of the arch.  I also downsized my bat mobile and made a little version for on the road.  The Gazelle had cut out the windows in the buildings and I just stuck a yellow piece of fabric behind the fabric before I appliquéd it down. This made it look like the lights were on in the building.
        Well the top of my quilt is done so it is off to the quilters I must go. I will try and post a finished picture of the quilt when it comes back from the quilters.
I had great fun designing this quilt and I hope little Joel likes it to.  Joel loves to see his name on items so I downloaded a Batman Font and added his name to the top.
                Thanks for taking your time to view my latest creation!

Janet Rankin – Bosskut Design Team

APRON with Iron on Vinyl by Nikki

                                                 BOSSKUT GUEST DESIGNER - NIKKI

Hi Everyone!  My name is Nikki, I live in Arizona, and am in my 30's. I'm a proud Auntie, and my passion is paper crafting and card-making. I have been paper crafting for 10 years and love to learn new techniques. Hands down, my favorite tool is my Bosskut Gazelle! I use it for almost every project in some way. 
My sister loves to bake, and her favorite color is pink. I created this apron for her as a present.
Here's what you need:
Blank Apron (I purchased this one at Michael's, for $4)
Cupcake Rhinestone File
First, cut the lettering for the apron from the Heat Transfer Vinyl. I used the font "Chocolate Box". Type the quote into Funtime, then convert the text to path. Size it to fit the apron. Place boxes around the text to make it easier to weed. Mirror the text.
Next, cut the cupcake rhinestone file. To get the different colors in the files, tape off the sections that you do not want the rhinestones to sweep into it - for example, if you are sweeping in the blue, tape off the red and pink parts. Sweet in all 3 colors of rhinestones. Follow the Bosskut tutorial for ironing on the Rhinestones.
Iron on the rhinestone transfer first, and then iron on the heat transfer vinyl. The project was easy to accomplish and I think the end result looked great!
This is another project Nikki did and shared with us on the Bosskut owners forum.  Vinyl on wood plaques she made and one of my favorites!  Judy Stark

Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Chick Card by Becki W.

   Can you tell I love this little Easter chick?!?  She is the cutest little chickie on the block and I just won't stop adding her to my Design Team projects for Easter.  I bet you all just can't wait for this holiday to be over so I move on to other awesome Boss Kut files. 

You basically do the same thing for the window.  Find yourself any shape you like (I used a speech bubble with the tail cut off), place it on the front of the card and join.  Perfect window to see your little chickie.
Add your chickie on the inside, making sure you can see her through the front.  Add the perfect My Thoughts Exactly Easter Greeting sentiment and you are good as gold.   :D

Glad you stopped by today to see my Easter inspiration.   Hope you stop by again and please leave me some love!! 

Easter Greetings by My Thoughts Exactly
Bunny Love by Best Creation Inc pattern paper

Happy Crafting !
Becki Wagner- Bosskut Design Team 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

PK Butterfly Card and Explosion Purse by Jamie G.

Files Used: Tri Framette 0384, Pop Kut Lattice Butterfly BKD010,
Materials: Cardstock, Ribbon, 1/8" 3D dots, self-adhesive rhinestones

Confession time!  After TONS of research, I finally made my purchase of the Bosskut Gazelle in December 2011.  When it arrived I was ecstatic and intimidated.  INTIMIDATED?!?  Unfortunately, that's true.  After registering my Gazelle and joining the wonderful support on the Gazelle Owner's Forum, I jumped right in.  Having never worked with any kind of software with a die cutter before I wasn't sure where to start.  Keeping it simple, I started with the beautiful die cuts that came with my initial purchase and the ones available through Bosskut Designs.  The Gazelle and the Funtime software make it easy for a beginner!

The possibilities of this machine and it's software amaze me each day.  As I learn the software, I find the possibilities become more than I knew!  While I LOVE the designs available through Bosskut, I can now design and create my own cut projects and use their designs to embellish them.  There are so many tutorials online for making bags, boxes, or pop up cards and the Funtime Scrapbooking III software makes it easy to create your own cut templates.  With the option to view the grid line at any value, it makes it easy to be precise with the placement of the cut and score lines.


 and the Designer Kelly Gettelinger.
That story leads me to this Mother's Day project!  I found a tutorial available online for an explosion purse and immediately thought, "HEY, I can do that!!"  Following the tutorial, I made the score lines and cut lines in the appropriate places and VOILA a designer purse for my Momma.  OK, so maybe a designer purse in my eyes but I'm pretty sure that she'll think so too! 
For the FREE pattern: A big thank you to

The Purse

After cutting out the base of the purse, I used the Tri Framette 0384 as the top and latch of the purse.  I started out by creating a mat of the whole frame.  Then in the Funtime software I placed a score line about half way through the outline and added 2 holes for the ribbon to go through.  For a little more pop, I also created an outlined of the buds. Then I added the vine and the buds from the Tri Framette to the mat that I made.

With the option to use ANY pen in the Gazelle, I put a standard purple ballpoint pen in the blade holder.  I then "cut" the sentiment "Happy Mother's Day" in the true type font BlackJack.

Using the scissor tool, I cut the scallop around the oval.  I replaced the blade with the pen and then cut the scalloped oval around the sentiment and adhered the oval to the mat with 1/8" 3D dots.

Finishing it up, I attached a piece of ribbon to the mat as a handle and glued the mat to the purse.  I used velcro to close the purse shut.

NOTE:  You can add any one of the beautiful Bosskut Design frames to the top of these purses to make it your own!

The Card

I started with cutting out a standard 5x6.5 inch card.  I added the Pop Kut Lattice Butterfly BKD010 by Judy Stark and some self-adhesive rhinestones.  A simple card that will speak volumes with a personal message added inside to Mom!

Now, with a little added gourmet chocolate, I'm sure to be her favorite this year!!

Jamie Gillahan – Bosskut Design Team Member

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Easter 2012 Layout by Judy S

  Don't you love working with the new color combinations for Spring this year? So many new papers with quite interesting colors!  I am a firm believer in buying Designer Pads and not having to second guess if colors go together. 

The doily's are a newly released file: Tulips Doily . I cut 3 of these with my Bosskut Gazelle sizing them to 4 inches each.  Since these have a lot of details, I cut on a 1 speed and 2 force with K/O at 12.  If your mat isn't very sticky, use 2 passes. I used the vinyl blade available at Bosskut as it works great for detailed files. 

  I then cut the newly released Popkut Bunny Egg using the same settings as above. I used the Card Band Lace for a border and added a few Popkut Butterflies.                         

I then cut out the title using one of my Funtime software fonts.  I designed this special flower and named it "Parker" after my great-grandaughter.  If you already own a Bosskut Gazelle, new to using the Funtime software, I can't stress enough to learn the basics, as it is a great software. If you can't figure out how to use it, just ask on the Bosskut owner's forum and you will get plenty of help right away! 

Thank you for looking!

Judy Stark - Bosskut Design Team Leader 


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Easter Eggs and Wrappers by Jamie G.


Materials: Eggs, Egg Dye, Vinyl, Cardstock

It's just about that time to get out the dye and get to coloring those eggs!!  I'm always looking for new ideas and wanted to see how I could apply the beautiful diecuts and text to my eggs.
Using a vinyl blade, the force set at 1, and the speed set at the lowest setting I cut out very intricate pieces with ease!  I also used the option of "weeding" in the cut screen of my Funtime software to make getting my pieces out easy.  I choose to use scraps of indoor vinyl that I had left over from previous projects.  You can purchase vinyl from Boss Kut here.

In addition to using some of the fabulous Bosskut Die Cuts, I added text to some of my eggs.  While my 20 month old son could care less if his name is on an egg or not, my daughter thought it was "awesome!!"  I absolutely LOVE my daughters’ enthusiasm to my crafting projects!

While I have a very critical eye when it comes to my crafting projects, I did learn something about applying vinyl to eggs.  Make sure your egg is at room temperature and you take your time applying the vinyl to the egg.  It takes a finesse and patience that maybe I still need to practice on.  :o)  Also, the smaller the design the better it'll stick to the egg.  The Gazelle will have NO problems cutting the design you choose.  The die cuts and text that I used only measure an inch and a half!!  The one other thing that I think I would try differently is using an outdoor vinyl versus the indoor vinyl.  My thought is that it would adhere better to the egg.                                                                     

Be sure to check out these adorable egg wrappers as well!!  They look adorable sitting at the table.

There truly are SO many possibilities with Bosskut's beautiful die cuts.  What would you do with them?!

Jamie Gillahan – Bosskut Design Team Member

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Easter Layout and Name Tags By Debbie G

I love Easter with all the pretty colors of spring. I have brought these colors to this 2 page lay out using Bosskuts 0641 Bunnies, 0784 Quackers, 0631 Decorator eggs, 0834 Victorian tag and the newly released PopKut grass borders. I used 2 sizes of the grass border.


For the eggs, I used a pen in my Gazelle to draw the decorator part and then use Liquid Pearls to add some dimension.


                                         Name Tags

 My Grand daughters' school has an annual carnival to raise money. I made these carnival themed name tags for the PTO and for the volunteers to wear.

I used the 0834 victorian tag and the 0442 balloon.

With the help of my Gazelle, both were resized. I placed each persons name on the tag,and then placed a Sharpie into the arms of the blade holder.
You will need to hold the arms and pen down until you have the screw tight After the pen is in place, make a dot on the paper. Select to cut only the name and click cut. Then put the blade back in line to the dot you made to begin and push gently on the plunger on your blade holder making sure the blade goes into the center of your dot. Cut the outside of the tag. This is simple!! I use a flashlight to see if I have the blade center in the dot.

Thank You,

Debbie Grommet - Bosskut Design Team

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Am On The Hunt Layout by Kenya G

Hello Everyone~                   
Today I am sharing perhaps the simplest layout I think I have ever done! It is not overly embellished, but I am happy with the way it turned out
When it comes to Easter, I am pretty straight forward and traditional. However, my mom loves to have the girls do egg hunts and the whole nine yard! So I had a couple pictures from Easter past that would go perfect with the PKBorderGrass file!

To coordinate with the photos, I made the eggs that are hidden in the grass with a simple oval shape that can be found in Fun Time. The glitter paper cut effortlessly in the BossKut Gazelle at a speed of 3 and force of 5.
The title was made with two different types of fonts from Fun Time. I used the Forget Me file for the smaller flowers. I really like how the BossKut Gazelle cut small items. It takes whatever I throw at it…tee hee!
To finish off the layout, I added a few pieces of pattern paper and some ribbon. I sprayed the base with a little glimmer mist to add a little oomph. 
I hope you enjoyed today’s project! Please stop by BossKut for these files and inspiration!