Wednesday, March 28, 2012


       This Batman quilt is my newest quilt design.  A friend of mine has a nephew named Joel. Joel loves Batman.  My friend and I were on a quilt shop hop when we ran across a Batman Panel. The little quilt shop also had some coordinating fabrics which we also purchased.  I volunteered to make Joel a quilt with the fabrics we purchased.
     I might add that having a Gazelle makes designing very easy, as you will see.  I began searching the internet and came across some coloring book pages with a Batmobile  (Kids and Fun) and the Batman Signal (printer kids). They were free to download for children to color. In this case I downloaded them and vectorized the pages. 
     The first thing I do is iron on my Pellon 805 to the back of my fabric. 
 I then place it on my mat and with a roller I roll out the bubbles and wrinkles. I am then ready to stick the cutting mat in the Gazelle and begin cutting.
The bat mobile after I vectorized it was ready to draw and cut. I first had the Gazelle draw the bat mobile in the Funtime Software, using a white chalk pencil which I purchased at the quilt shop. Out of all the disappearing pencils I had purchased this one worked well on the black fabric. I want to also say that it started off drawing real well but as it drew the design the chalk began to fade.  Once it faded and was very light I pushed my red button on the Gazelle and stopped the machine. I then took the pencil out and sharpened it and placed it back into the Gazelle. It is important not to move the plotter as you take the pencil out and then replace it. I then pushed the red button and the Gazelle finished drawing the design.  I have never had to do this but I think with the pencil being chalk that it wore down before the design was finished. Some pencils do better than others.
Once the Bosskut Gazelle had drawn the bat mobile, I then placed the blade in without moving the plotter and then I had the Gazelle cut around the Bat mobile.
The picture above shows the Bat Mobile after the Gazelle had drawn the design. I then had the Gazelle cut around the Bat Mobile.  This is what it looked like once I removed the extra fabric from the cutting mat. 
Once I had it cut out I then ironed it onto my fabric and with silver metallic thread (Coats and Clark) I sewed a straight stitch on the pencil markings. Here is the finished results.
I must say here that I had sewed it on this light blue fabric but then changed my mind and decided to sew it on the batman fabric instead because I did not like the light blue fabric.  I basically cut around this fabric and then appliquéd it to the batman fabric.
        The bat signal was a coloring book page. I downloaded it and vectorized it with my Funtime.  The Gazelle first cut the yellow oval. I then programmed it to cut out the black oval and the batman signal.
I then ironed the black pieces on the yellow and appliquéd them to the quilt.
The scene at the bottom I basically just used the drawing of different figures (circle, square, rectangle, and arrow) to draw a silhouette of St. Louis, since we live in Missouri. I figured Batman must look out for us here in Missouri. I also used the house design (which came with our gazelle under shapes, click on general. You will see the house). I basically made four of them and placed them together and welded them and then the gazelle cut them out. That shape is to the left of the arch.  I also downsized my bat mobile and made a little version for on the road.  The Gazelle had cut out the windows in the buildings and I just stuck a yellow piece of fabric behind the fabric before I appliquéd it down. This made it look like the lights were on in the building.
        Well the top of my quilt is done so it is off to the quilters I must go. I will try and post a finished picture of the quilt when it comes back from the quilters.
I had great fun designing this quilt and I hope little Joel likes it to.  Joel loves to see his name on items so I downloaded a Batman Font and added his name to the top.
                Thanks for taking your time to view my latest creation!

Janet Rankin – Bosskut Design Team

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