Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunbonnet Sue Quilt by Janet R

I made this quilt for a friend of mine. I had bought a book with the pattern in it, from Joann’s Fabrics. Sunbonnet Sue is a pretty easy pattern to find. You can find it in any quilt or fabric store. It is also an easy pattern to start with. 
 I scanned the pattern and imported it into Funtime and then vectorized the file. From there I was then able to cut my pattern pieces with my Gazelle. I did not need to resize the pattern or make any adjustments since the pattern was the size I wanted. 
 On the back of every piece of fabric I iron a piece of Pellon to the back side of the fabric. This makes it easier to cut the fabric with my Bosskut Gazelle. It also helps hold your fabric pieces in place while you applique the pieces to your quilt block.
 Once you have your pieces cut, the next step is to layer your pieces on your quilt block. Once, you get your pieces where you want them, you can then iron them in place. I then machine appliqued the pieces in place.  Below is the end result.

Thank you for looking!

Janet Rankin - Bosskut Design Team Member                

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