Monday, March 12, 2012

He has Risen Tile by Kenya

Hello Everyone,
Easter is right a few weeks away! In preparation, I made a quick and easy 4x4 tile to kick start my Easter home décor projects. For this project, you will need a vinyl, transfer tape and a vinyl blade. These items can be purchased at
One thing I love about my BossKut Gazelle is its ability to cut vinyl! Remember when working with vinyl, you want to make sure your blade is barely peeking out of your blade holder. Also take it nice and slow! I used a force of 1 and speed of two. If the cuts were more detailed slow the speed down to one.
For the cuts, I used the newly released PK Grass (BKD095) and the Cross (0344).
 Another thing I love about the BossKut Gazelle and Fun Time are the fonts! I used a FT font for the sentiment; you can also use fonts that are on your computer! Cool right? To finish off the tile and to add a little flair, I added a rhinestone to the center. Rhinestones can also be purchased at BossKut.
I hope you enjoyed today’s project. Don’t forget to pop by BossKut for these files, materials and more inspiration.
 Thanks for stopping by,
Bosskut Design Team

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