Sunday, March 25, 2012

PK Butterfly Card and Explosion Purse by Jamie G.

Files Used: Tri Framette 0384, Pop Kut Lattice Butterfly BKD010,
Materials: Cardstock, Ribbon, 1/8" 3D dots, self-adhesive rhinestones

Confession time!  After TONS of research, I finally made my purchase of the Bosskut Gazelle in December 2011.  When it arrived I was ecstatic and intimidated.  INTIMIDATED?!?  Unfortunately, that's true.  After registering my Gazelle and joining the wonderful support on the Gazelle Owner's Forum, I jumped right in.  Having never worked with any kind of software with a die cutter before I wasn't sure where to start.  Keeping it simple, I started with the beautiful die cuts that came with my initial purchase and the ones available through Bosskut Designs.  The Gazelle and the Funtime software make it easy for a beginner!

The possibilities of this machine and it's software amaze me each day.  As I learn the software, I find the possibilities become more than I knew!  While I LOVE the designs available through Bosskut, I can now design and create my own cut projects and use their designs to embellish them.  There are so many tutorials online for making bags, boxes, or pop up cards and the Funtime Scrapbooking III software makes it easy to create your own cut templates.  With the option to view the grid line at any value, it makes it easy to be precise with the placement of the cut and score lines.


 and the Designer Kelly Gettelinger.
That story leads me to this Mother's Day project!  I found a tutorial available online for an explosion purse and immediately thought, "HEY, I can do that!!"  Following the tutorial, I made the score lines and cut lines in the appropriate places and VOILA a designer purse for my Momma.  OK, so maybe a designer purse in my eyes but I'm pretty sure that she'll think so too! 
For the FREE pattern: A big thank you to

The Purse

After cutting out the base of the purse, I used the Tri Framette 0384 as the top and latch of the purse.  I started out by creating a mat of the whole frame.  Then in the Funtime software I placed a score line about half way through the outline and added 2 holes for the ribbon to go through.  For a little more pop, I also created an outlined of the buds. Then I added the vine and the buds from the Tri Framette to the mat that I made.

With the option to use ANY pen in the Gazelle, I put a standard purple ballpoint pen in the blade holder.  I then "cut" the sentiment "Happy Mother's Day" in the true type font BlackJack.

Using the scissor tool, I cut the scallop around the oval.  I replaced the blade with the pen and then cut the scalloped oval around the sentiment and adhered the oval to the mat with 1/8" 3D dots.

Finishing it up, I attached a piece of ribbon to the mat as a handle and glued the mat to the purse.  I used velcro to close the purse shut.

NOTE:  You can add any one of the beautiful Bosskut Design frames to the top of these purses to make it your own!

The Card

I started with cutting out a standard 5x6.5 inch card.  I added the Pop Kut Lattice Butterfly BKD010 by Judy Stark and some self-adhesive rhinestones.  A simple card that will speak volumes with a personal message added inside to Mom!

Now, with a little added gourmet chocolate, I'm sure to be her favorite this year!!

Jamie Gillahan – Bosskut Design Team Member

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