Using the Rhinestone Tool in Bosskut Gazelle IV Software

  The rhinestone tool in the Bosskut Gazelle IV software has many new features which make creating patterns so much easier.
  I hope this tutorial helps you get familiar with these features! Bosskut will have more detailed instructions releasing soon. If you would like to read about all of the features or purchase this software upgrade, please go to www.bosskut.com

Move your pieces apart enough to make room for your rhinestones to be added. BEFORE converting to a rhinestone, change the cutting lines to different colors.

                                Directions are on the pictures in this tutorial.

Next page shows how easy it is to add rhinestones to a cardstock project. I am using the same pattern above but will have 2 different types. One for an iron on transfer and one for cardstock.

Judy Tesla Stark

                   Using the Spiral Tool in Gazelle IV Software

 In the picture above, I have drawn 4 spirals using the spiral tool. The tool is located in the Draw Tab on the top of your Funtime Browser

Draw and place spirals the way you are wanting for your design.
Select ALL, go to your Color Tool Window and change the line size window from .003 to .06 or larger. You will see your design is now thicker for cutting.

Click on the WYSIWYG Tool and when the pop up window appears on yours screen, click the on LOW. You will see a duplicate image already welded.
Select the WYSIWYG image and then click the SPECIAL EFFECTS button and when the window opens, choose OUTLINE.

Your design is now ready for cutting!! Funtime does it all with a few touches of the tools buttons.

You now can see how easy it is to make your flourish! I also wanted a rhinestone file from this flourish and with 1 click, done!


One of the new features is the Brush tool. IT IS GREAT!

See the black square on my design? Just take your mouse and select 1 of the rhinestones and click Brush Tool. It will now select ALL of that color ONLY. I wanted my stone size smaller, all I needed to do was double click the stone size I wanted and it changed all of the stones at once which in my case were purples. After I had the size I wanted, I changed my color by clicking 1 purple stone, click the brush tool and then the rhinestone color I wanted. The green stones in my center haven’t changed.

I am now changing the green stones and sizes. FYI, if all of your stones are one color, the brush tool will change all of them. When you are finished, click the stone touch button to be sure none of your stones are overlapping. The screen will get larger if some of your stones need adjusted. If the screen doesn’t change, you are fine! I now clicked on my SS info window to see how many stones my design requires.

I am now going to click on another new feature, Project Notes.

This info will always be available for reference when this file is being used in Funtime!!!! Project notes are located under the top VIEW tab at the bottom


The upgrade software is available at www.bosskut.com

Gazelle IV software

Judy Stark


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