Saturday, February 2, 2013

Coffee Mug and Pen Tool Tutorial by Lori m.

Using one of the bosskutdiecuts files by Judy Stark, I put this cute coffee mug card together.. 

The Coffee Mug file was made into a Print and Cut Mug shaped card, with Judy’s permission, for me to use as an example.

Of course, every Gazelle needs a little bling even if it’s one on a card. 

If you haven’t purchased the new Gazelle Funtime IV upgrade, you can’t even imagine all the fun you’re missing.

Here are a few things I’ve been playing around with, like the coffee mug squiggly.

If you click on your right side “Free Hand” tool it will bring up a selection box. From here you’ll have multiple choices to choose from, two being Calligraphy. I just keep playing around with the different size brushes and practice squiggly lines and curves until I find one that works with my project.

Here are a few more examples to show the differences between Calligraphy 1 and 2. Pretty cool huh?  It just keeps getting better.

Now if you click on your Color selection box, look to the bottom and click on the Brush and Tools buttons, the fun keeps getting better

Once you select the brush feature it brings up another box named “Pen”.  From here I scrolled down, and then selected a dashed line and you can see my squiggles turned to dashes.  Have fun trying out the different affects you can get doing this.

Ready for a little more fun?

Now using the features selected up till now, let’s take this one step further and add in our “Scissor” tools.  Here, I opted to go back and use the straight line instead of dashed line.

Your lines will now be in the pattern of Scissors you chose, play around with the sizing and patterns. Fun is what it’s all about.

Moving along!

Now I’ve used my slider on the Color Box at the bottom to add even a little more dimension to the designs, pretty cool right? I bet, I’ve drawn over a thousand squiggly lines in a few days just having fun with these tools alone.  I guess I should try out the rest of the new features. 

My list of ingredients:

1. Coffee Mug with Candy Sticks by Judy Stark.
2. Pink and White Rhinestones from
4. Scotch Glue Stick
5. Ranger distress markers, “Spun Sugar” and “Frayed Burlap”.
6. Studio G Glitter Glue
7. Stampin Spot “Ruby Red” mini ink pad
8. Ranger glossy accents.

Enjoy, and have fun, that’s what crafting is all about

Lori m.  - Bosskut Design Team

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