Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines Day Treat Box by Kenya G

I love making projects with my girls. I also like being the “cool” mom at their school. I got this “title” because for the holidays or class parties, I do some type treat goodie and the kids LOVE them. I found this out because one time, I made the mistake and just sent candy. They were disappointed. I learned the kids really enjoyed receiving them. It has been my pleasure to make them happy ever since! Although this is a prototype, I do not think they will be disappointed with this one!

The cracker box was constructed by intersecting/joining shapes. In FunTime, you can add score lines or you may do that manually as I did. After the box is folded, glue the center where the treat is stored. The ribbon will hold the ends together. The children can loosen the ribbon to access the candy. Decorate as you wish! I chose to use bling, flowers, and the Vintage Hearts 0966 (inside was filled) to embellish mine.  Can you see how small they are and how well they cut on the Gazelle? Very simple project and cute to boot! This is a good project to get the little ones involved too! They can decorate and write personalized messages to their classmates while spending time with mom. It is a win win for everyone!

Thanks for stopping by. Remember to stop by BossKut to purchase files, supplies and tools for your Gazelle. Kenya~

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