Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pretty Chalk Board Vinyl by Lori m

Forgotten messages, never again! 
 Here’s how, a vinyl chalk board that you make and cut. Simple, easy, and a sure attention grabber it will be.
  I cut the adhesive back chalk board vinyl  on my Gazelle using 1 speed, 30 K/O and 3 force setting. If you have never made projects with Chalkboard vinyl, you don't know what you are missing!  BossKut sells the heavier quality of adhesive backed vinyl and by the sheet!  Available for purchase at Look under craft supplies and click on vinyl. They also have the hard to find wet wipe markers you use for this vinyl.

Frame design from  #0373  3x4. I made mine a little larger for better viewing in our home.
Finish with a ribbon if you like; I’m adding a magnet to the back and a little Velcro to put it on the fridge. Enjoy!
Lori m
BossKut Design Team Member

Vinyl Decoration for Front Glass Door

Hi All,
  Today I wanted a little something extra on my plain glass front door....Soooo, I used  White Vinyl #0132 2-12" x 24" sheets  available at and made this wonderful 2 piece 'Welcome to my Home' with butterflies and birds. 

  I made my design in Gazelle Funtime III and cut with my Gazelle using the vinyl cutting blade and my
12" x 24" cutting mat.  My cut settings were 1 speed, 0 Knife Offset and 1 force. Before cutting my design, I reversed it or mirrored it so it looked backwards, then I cut it out in 2 sections,  ( I reversed it because I wanted to place on the inside of the door so the weather wouldn't destroy it) placed the Transfer Paper on it and placed it on the glass door.
  I just LOVE It!!!!  I can't believe how much nicer my whole front porch looks with my Vinyl Decoration on the door. 

Enjoy - Linn Cole
Bosskut Design Team Member

Monday, July 25, 2011

Life is a Journey Center Step Card

Hello everyone! 
  A few announcements from :  BossKut is now carrying Copic markers, La La Land Stamps, Sarah Kay, Magnolia, Penny Black and Penny Johnson Stamps.  The picnic digital set is now available for purchase!!
The digital downloads contain all of the following formats: AI, WPC, GSD, Vector PDF and a jpg for reference.  Please keep checking back as we have many new designs that will be soon released.
   Today I made this center step card with one of the newly released Magnolia stamps ,"Tilda with Butterfly Jeans." (available at BossKut).  The PopKut Heart butterfly and heart frame is a sneak peek at new releases.
 This card was very easy to make!  The center step card pattern is available on various sites if you don't have this yet.  I stamped my Tilda and then colored her with Copic markers. I then cut around her.  I cut my lace trim, card pattern,butterfly,frames and center piece with my Gazelle.  I stamped my center card background and proceeded to glue everything to my card.  Done!  That easy! 
Judy Stark- BossKut Design Team

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birthday Bounce Card by Linn Cole

I used 8 1/2" x 11" card stock for the outside card and then I used a piece of the Bosskut Gold Glitter card stock to cut the letters for front of card.  I made the file in Gazelle Funtime III using the welding technique for the letters, overlapping the letters that could connect without losing their shape, then used the "Stencil Bridge" to connect the rest of the letters.   Weld the outline and outside body of the card together.  Now you can place your letters back inside of the outline to make sure they look right then cut the card and letter outline from the card stock of your choice and then cut the letters from the gold card stock.  I used the adjustable blade on #3 and pressure 3 for cardstock and then #3 and pressure 4 for the gold glitter card stock.  You can have the main piece of the Diamond Bounce Card here...
I used my pen feature on my Gazelle to write the sentiment inside.  It is so easy to use the pen holder: just remove bladeholder and insert your pen and the BossKut Gazelle does the rest! 
Happy Crafting!
Linn Cole- BossKut Design Team

Sweet Summer Layout by Judy Stark

 Today I made a summer page for my annual book. I try to make a layout or 2 at least monthly. By January, I have an annual Family book finished! So much easier than doing it all at one time. 
  With this page, I wanted to use bright summer colors, stamps, die cuts and some of those stickers I bought hundreds of when I first started scrapbooking. Just because you have an electronic or manual cutter; it doesn't mean you can't combine techniques.
I cut my frames, table, tablecloth, chair and umbrella with my Gazelle. They are the BossKut Picnic set, soon to be released for purchase this week!   I then did a print n cut with my Gazelle and added the frog. The little girl stamp is made by Magnolia Stamps. With the Funtime program that comes with my Gazelle, you can easily stamp an image, then import into the art board of Funtime and do a print n cut.  I then colored with my Copic markers. I like using this feature in Funtime as I can enlarge or make my stamps smaller as needed.
Closeup below:
After I glued the cuts, I applied the food stickers on the table. They are dimensional and didn't take away from my layout by using them.  So go through your older things and use them!
I have a lot of stickers and used them for the title and subtitles. Fast and Easy!
Judy Stark- BossKut Design Team

Babies, Buttons and Booties by Lori m

Have you ever needed to wrap a special gift?  Why not take and recycle that cookie can you’ve been saving in the closet? You know the one we all have hidden way in the back.

Pretty can, yes, but maybe I’d like to decorate it a little and fill it with baby items.  Recycle, quick and easy project, it doesn’t get better than this.
Here’s how I made my, Baby Gift Can!
1. card stock
2. A few rhinestones and ribbon. Did you know  sells rhinestones and so much more?.
3. For the lid, inside and out, I measured the circumference and cut mine a little bit smaller. This one is 9.75 inches. Be sure to cut two pieces.
4. For the inside and outside around the can, measure the height and length, I cut 6 pieces 11 inches wide by 2 ¾ inches high.  
5. Glue the inside, side pieces first then add the bottom circle, trust me, it’s much easier.
6. For added detail, I used chalks and markers on my cutout designs.      
Bosskut Designs used:
a. #0744  Man In The Moon
b.  # 0740  Baby Bootie
c.  #0690  Wildflower
d. # 0728 Flourish
e. Wildflower
f. # 0675 Starburst
g. #  PopKut Butterfly

Enjoy!  Lori m. - Bosskut Design Team Member


Hello Card

    I just saw on the news how much of the USA is having a heat wave. Wow!  I am use to living in the 90+ degrees weather but this has to be pretty uncomfortable for those of you who aren't?  Drink plenty of fluids and just stay in your homes if you can.  Good time to scrapbook! 
      I am making a box of assorted greeting cards as a birthday gift for a dear Aunt and made a basic hello card.  The flower is a Lattice PopKut flower, soon to be available for purchase at :  This flower looks great with the lattice PopKut butterfly!
I cut everything with my Gazelle machine with settings speed 2 and force 2.  Knife offset at 12.  I made a shadow box card for my flower to be placed onto. Cut the hello, tied a bow and done. Easy card to make!
Judy Stark - Bosskut Design Team Member

Wedding Album

I made this as a wedding gift but you can also make this for the holidays. To make the flower, you will need vellum paper,white marking pen (my favorite is Uniball Signo UM-153) and rhinestones.  This journal can be finished within an hour!

Basic Instructions for Gazelle: You will use your embossing blade and mat. Convert your WPC file by using the ENGRAVING feature. This will give you the lines for embossing. I used Island for this one. We have Engraving/Embossing tutorials on BK forum. I used a force of 3 and 2 passes. Vellum will rip if too much force is used. Be sure your mat is sticky! You can hand cut these (outline line) or use your Gazelle.
After removing from mat, take your white outline pen and just follow the embossing lines on THE BACK of motif. After the white (or any color) dries, it's time for the rhinestones. I used a wand/iron and individually set mine. Add ribbon and stem.

by Judy Stark - BossKut Design Team