Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birthday Bounce Card by Linn Cole

I used 8 1/2" x 11" card stock for the outside card and then I used a piece of the Bosskut Gold Glitter card stock to cut the letters for front of card.  I made the file in Gazelle Funtime III using the welding technique for the letters, overlapping the letters that could connect without losing their shape, then used the "Stencil Bridge" to connect the rest of the letters.   Weld the outline and outside body of the card together.  Now you can place your letters back inside of the outline to make sure they look right then cut the card and letter outline from the card stock of your choice and then cut the letters from the gold card stock.  I used the adjustable blade on #3 and pressure 3 for cardstock and then #3 and pressure 4 for the gold glitter card stock.  You can have the main piece of the Diamond Bounce Card here...
I used my pen feature on my Gazelle to write the sentiment inside.  It is so easy to use the pen holder: just remove bladeholder and insert your pen and the BossKut Gazelle does the rest! 
Happy Crafting!
Linn Cole- BossKut Design Team

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Rose said...

Awesome card. One of the coolest cards love pen feature for the inside.