Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wedding Album

I made this as a wedding gift but you can also make this for the holidays. To make the flower, you will need vellum paper,white marking pen (my favorite is Uniball Signo UM-153) and rhinestones.  This journal can be finished within an hour!

Basic Instructions for Gazelle: You will use your embossing blade and mat. Convert your WPC file by using the ENGRAVING feature. This will give you the lines for embossing. I used Island for this one. We have Engraving/Embossing tutorials on BK forum. I used a force of 3 and 2 passes. Vellum will rip if too much force is used. Be sure your mat is sticky! You can hand cut these (outline line) or use your Gazelle.
After removing from mat, take your white outline pen and just follow the embossing lines on THE BACK of motif. After the white (or any color) dries, it's time for the rhinestones. I used a wand/iron and individually set mine. Add ribbon and stem.

by Judy Stark - BossKut Design Team

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