Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pretty Chalk Board Vinyl by Lori m

Forgotten messages, never again! 
 Here’s how, a vinyl chalk board that you make and cut. Simple, easy, and a sure attention grabber it will be.
  I cut the adhesive back chalk board vinyl  on my Gazelle using 1 speed, 30 K/O and 3 force setting. If you have never made projects with Chalkboard vinyl, you don't know what you are missing!  BossKut sells the heavier quality of adhesive backed vinyl and by the sheet!  Available for purchase at Look under craft supplies and click on vinyl. They also have the hard to find wet wipe markers you use for this vinyl.

Frame design from  #0373  3x4. I made mine a little larger for better viewing in our home.
Finish with a ribbon if you like; I’m adding a magnet to the back and a little Velcro to put it on the fridge. Enjoy!
Lori m
BossKut Design Team Member

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