Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vinyl Decoration for Front Glass Door

Hi All,
  Today I wanted a little something extra on my plain glass front door....Soooo, I used  White Vinyl #0132 2-12" x 24" sheets  available at and made this wonderful 2 piece 'Welcome to my Home' with butterflies and birds. 

  I made my design in Gazelle Funtime III and cut with my Gazelle using the vinyl cutting blade and my
12" x 24" cutting mat.  My cut settings were 1 speed, 0 Knife Offset and 1 force. Before cutting my design, I reversed it or mirrored it so it looked backwards, then I cut it out in 2 sections,  ( I reversed it because I wanted to place on the inside of the door so the weather wouldn't destroy it) placed the Transfer Paper on it and placed it on the glass door.
  I just LOVE It!!!!  I can't believe how much nicer my whole front porch looks with my Vinyl Decoration on the door. 

Enjoy - Linn Cole
Bosskut Design Team Member

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