Sunday, August 31, 2014

Presley's "Princess Box"
Presley's "Princess Box"
         Every little girl needs a special Princess box to put her princess items into.  I made this using a small round wooden hat box I had just sitting on a shelf.  Other items used were lace, beads, rhinestones, mirror, glitter paper and card-stock.  The file for the frame is Princess Frame with title at 

I  added some rhinestones and adhesive pearls to the design. I attached the mirror material to the inside of the frame.  Next, I cut a circle to cover the lid to my box.  After my title was complete, I started decorating the bottom part of the box. 

I used my Sookwang double adhesive tape to help place the lace in place.  Using my glue gun, I attached the strings of beads which I cut into sections of 12 beads each.  I glued these to the lace, then went back and added glue to the folds of my lace.  Re-purposed box now completed!

I had a Tiara for Presley and put it into her box and she was so thrilled when I gave it to her.   Wouldn't it be great if she passed this down to her own little Princess one day?

Judy Stark

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Heart with Hope Title & Ribbon Box

This project was made for a book I bought for a friend in the hospital. A very easy project to make!  

You can use any box pattern and just decorate the front as you would for a card. You could also cover a cigar box and they could keep items in it. 
The heart with ribbon pattern includes heart, ribbon, frame, flourish and hope title. Heart with Hope title & ribbon available at

I then cut the Lacey Tag and used my Gazelle pen feature for the title. I wanted to add glitz to this box, after all, who doesn't love glitter and glitz? I used a light pink ribbon and 2 way tape to attach the strings of pearls. I then added glitter around the pearls.  

Have a great week!
Judy Stark