Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Heart Explosion Card Funtime Tutorial by Jamie G

Files Used: Heart file in Funtime, Scroll by Phyllis Parkins 0986
Materials: Card stock, ribbon

I was inspired to create a cut file from this video. It's funny how you see a project that someone else has done and are then able to create a cut file in Funtime! As always, there's a learning curve but once you start getting the basic concepts down nothing is off limits!

Once you've created your heart explosion, you can adhere it to the inside of card or simply a larger heart and use a ribbon to tie it shut.

This project utilizes basic shapes and the very basic alignment tools in Funtime. With a few instructions you'll be well on your way to creating beautiful Valentine's cards for your family and friends! Let's get started.

With a new 12 x 12 page open in Funtime start by clicking on your shapes button on the right of your screen. Scroll to the heart and click on it.

This next step is more of a personal preference, I change the weight of the outside line to 0.003 and turn off the fill color.

With the heart selected, hit the "C" on your keyboard. This will bring up your transformation box. Select the width and enter in 4.8. Why 4.8, because after playing with this multiple times and remaking it, that's what I found to work best. :o) For different looks don't be afraid to play around with sizes, you'll be amazed at what you'll create!

Note: By selecting the width you maintain the ratio of the heart. If you were to select the Condense and then change either the height or width, it will only change that dimension and you'll lose the original shape of the heart.

Now we'll need a total of 4 hearts to create our heart explosion card. There are several different ways to create more of the same heart. What I did was select the heart, and hit Ctrl C on my keyboard and then Ctrl V. This will place a duplicate heart in the lower left hand corner of your mat. I moved my heart off the mat on the bottom. Do this 2 more times for a total of 4 hearts.
So that you can see everything I'm working with, select the button at the bottom with the magnify glass and ALL. This will zoom into the whole page with all your cut files.

To make this easier in getting the hearts lined up where we want them, create a perfect square but selecting the draw rectangle button on the right of your screen and hold down Ctrl button on your keyboard at the same time. At this point it doesn't matter how big it is because we are going to use the transformation box to resize it.

Select your square, and in the transformation box make sure that the square measures 8.5 x 8.5.
Let's start putting all this together now!! Select one of the hearts, in the transformation box scroll down to rotation, and select it. Change the angle to 45 degrees.

Select both the rectangle and the heart. On the left of your screen is the justification, 4th button down. Click on the align left AND the align top buttons at the top of your screen.

In order to maintain this justification as we work on the other hearts, group the square and the heart together. Select shape at the top of screen, and then select group.

1 down and 3 more to go! :o) Select another heart and in the transformation box rotate it 135 degrees. With the heart still selected, hold the shift key down and select the square. With the justification selected again, align left, and align bottom. With everything still selected, group them all together.

Select another heart, in the transformation box, rotate it 225 degrees. Hey we're cooking now!! With that heart selected, select the square and justify it by aligning it right and bottom. Don't for get to group them together!

One more to go!! Select the heart, in the transformation box, rotate it 315 degrees. Justify the heart by aligning it right and top.

Now you should have all the hearts in the square and overlapping in places. We only used the square for placement of the hearts and we now need to delete it. With ALL items selected, select Shape at the top of the screen and click on Break all.

Select ONLY the square and delete it.

It's time to weld all the hearts together so that we can get the shape we need for the card. Select all the hearts, and on the left of your screen select the weld button. At this point you'll have several cut outs in the image. It's up to you if you want to delete them or keep them there. I kept mine because I personally like the way it looks when you open up the card. If you do decide to keep them, I suggest selecting everything and grouping them together

One last suggestion, create another heart the same size and keep this on the page when you save it. That way in the future when you go to make something with this file, you'll have a starting point to making layers on your card.

Please be sure to stop by the Boss Kut Forum and share your creations! We'd LOVE to see what you've done with this cut file! Or if you have any questions, I would love to be able to help you maximize your use of Funtime and the Gazelle.

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