Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quilting - Easter Placemat by Ruthanne Tucker

                                                       Easter Placemat by Ruthanne   

  I just might want to sit at the kids table this Easter where these placemats are going to be. They are so easy to create and measure approx. 12x18 inches.

 Cutting out the 0303D chickpeeker was very simple. I use my Bosskut Gazelle machine for cutting fabric and just love how easy it is. To read about the Bosskut Gazelle go to http://www.bosskut.com/

 Simply fuse some fusible web to your fabric peel the paper I use speed 3 and pressure 3-4.  I premade the placemat which got me thinking, you could just purchase one at your local store and fuse the 0303D chickpeeker on it.

 A simple blanket or applique stitch around the pieces and everyone will be impressed with your talents!

Files used: 0303Dchickpeeker http://www.bosskutdiecuts.com/

Materials: heat and bod lite, scraps of fabric batting and embroidery thread for blanket stitching.

***the fabric show through wasn’t noticeable until I used a flash. if you use a solid fabric you wont have that problem or resize the 0303Dchickpeeker to fit in the white area.

Happy cutting

Ruthanne Tucker
Bosskut Design Team Member

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