Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Easter Layout and Name Tags By Debbie G

I love Easter with all the pretty colors of spring. I have brought these colors to this 2 page lay out using Bosskuts 0641 Bunnies, 0784 Quackers, 0631 Decorator eggs, 0834 Victorian tag and the newly released PopKut grass borders. I used 2 sizes of the grass border.


For the eggs, I used a pen in my Gazelle to draw the decorator part and then use Liquid Pearls to add some dimension.


                                         Name Tags

 My Grand daughters' school has an annual carnival to raise money. I made these carnival themed name tags for the PTO and for the volunteers to wear.

I used the 0834 victorian tag and the 0442 balloon.

With the help of my Gazelle, both were resized. I placed each persons name on the tag,and then placed a Sharpie into the arms of the blade holder.
You will need to hold the arms and pen down until you have the screw tight After the pen is in place, make a dot on the paper. Select to cut only the name and click cut. Then put the blade back in line to the dot you made to begin and push gently on the plunger on your blade holder making sure the blade goes into the center of your dot. Cut the outside of the tag. This is simple!! I use a flashlight to see if I have the blade center in the dot.

Thank You,

Debbie Grommet - Bosskut Design Team

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Jamie_G said...

These are absolutely AMAZING!! Beautiful!