Monday, December 24, 2012

BossKut PopKut Angel w/Tea Light by Judy S

A new ornament for my tree or for a gift.  On our Bosskut owner's forum, we have a Holiday sharing thread going and we are sharing ideas/projects for the holidays.  One of the ladies (Marda) shared using a battery tealight to make ornaments etc. and here is mine! 

I used the newly released PopKut Angel .   The angel has a mat with it and I cut the mat using the aqua glitter paper from Bosskut.  I  cut the angel using 85 wgt cardstock and applied Sookwang tape over the paper. (before cutting)  I cut using my Gazelle and settings were 2 speed,2 force and K/O at 15. I cut it 2 passes.  The sookwang is a little thick and I wanted a nice clean cut. It is best to go 2 passes at a lower force.  My Angel is 6.5 inches tall.

I removed the cross in the design and replaced it with a star.  This is where the battery tealight goes through.  I removed the sookwang film and used glitter and the burnished velvet technique.  Cut my holly for her halo and added a rhinestine.  I then inserted the tealight from the back to the front.  I snipped the little nip off of the tea light with my scissors.  An easy project completed within 20 minutes and after I add ribbon, on the tree it will go!! 

                                                       Happy Holidays!!

                                                       Judy Tesla Stark

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