Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank You Cards by Jamie G

Materials: Card stock, Pen of choice, rhinestones

For this project, I had several different objectives in mind.
·    To have the envelope and card match.
·    Keep the card design CAS (clean and simple) so that I could easily make lots of them as needed.
·    With the simplicity of the design, I could give sets to family and friends as gifts no matter their taste.
For the snowflake thank you card set, I started in Funtime by taking the layering snowflakes and outlined them. I then changed the line to a kiss cut line.

Using a blue Sharpie pen, I let my Gazelle "cut" out the sentiment and the outline of the snowflake. I replaced the pen with the blade and let my Gazelle cut out the snowflake and the rectangle. I attached the light blue paper to a white card base and simple enough.

The envelope was just as easy. I created the envelope cut file in Funtime and positioned the matching snowflake where I wanted it. Again using the blue Sharpie I "cut" out the snowflake and changed back to the blade to cut and score the envelope.

For the thank you card set with the pop kut sassy bird, in Funtime I choose 2 colors to work with. This made it easy when it came to cutting my project and to differentiate between what I was actually cutting and what I was "cutting" with my pen.

I started by creating 2 rectangles and centering them. The inner rectangle I changed the line to a kiss cut line and made sure that the rectangles had 2 different colors. For the sentiment and the outline of the bird, I made sure to make them the same colors as the kiss cut on the smaller rectangle.

Once I had everything laid out as I wanted it, I inserted a white gel pen into my Gazelle and "cut" the kiss cut rectangle, the sentiment, and the outline of the bird. I exchanged the pen with the blade holder and cut out the rectangle and the wings, and the tail feathers of the bird.

I just loved the way the white gel pen created a perfect faux stitching effect on the rectangle!
As with the previous envelope, I created the cut lines and then placed the bird I wanted it. I "cut" the bird out using a blue Sharpie and then the larger rectangle
The picture below shows the 2 different kiss cut options available in Funtime. You can easily access these by selecting the line that you would like to change, then select Setting > Brush / Pen. Keep in mind that the next line you create will be the last pen option you choose.

Jamie Gillahan – BossKut Design Team Member

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