Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Greatest Dad by Kenya G

Hello Everyone,
Kenya here to share a special Father’s Day project the girls and I made for DH. I asked the girls to come up with things that described their dad. What is funny is the youngest one calls him “Honey”! When the other girls were around the same age they called him that as well! It is the funniest and cutest thing ever!  They were the inspiration for our gift to him~

For this project, I modified a shadow box to fit my needs. I took a photo of my DH and placed it in software for editing. In the software, I made his photo into a sketch and lightened it up as much as possible. Then I typed the descriptive words the girls gave me on top and printed it out on linen paper.
 This shadow box is an eclectic collection of things he likes such as hobbies and passion. I wanted it to reflect him. To complete this box, you KNOW I HAD to use my GAZELLE! Hey btw, did you know the GAZELLE is assembled right here in the USA?? Cool right?

? OK, back to the project. For the cuts, I used the Scroll Border. I love how the border gave the box a finished look. I distressed that to make it look like metal. I love how it turned out! I added one to the front and top. I also used the Simple Cross (since DH is a minister) to add to both sides of the box. I added different charms (some were given to me by Mrs. BossKut) and elements that show his interests such as music, writing, nature and etc.
Another thing I love about the GAZELLE is the ENGRAVING TOOL! From time to time, I pull it out to engrave on metal and acetate. You can make some cool affects with it. For this, I kept it simple by engraving the outline of Father’s Day 2012. It was the perfect touch to this project!

I hope you all enjoyed today’s project! Don’t forget to stop by BOSSKUT for more files, supplies and inspiration! Thanks for stopping by, Kenya~


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