Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gazelle Carry Bag & Vinyl by Janet Rankin

Carry Case for My Gazelle
I like to take my Gazelle to crops and so I decided to make myself a tote to carry my Gazelle.  I wanted it to also hold the cords and cutting mats. I designed this tote and it seems to work well for me. I also think it is cute, but then again I am partial.

                                            Vinyl Projects Done With My Gazelle
My son recently bought a new used boat. He decided to name is boat for good luck. He named it  “Triple Threat”—Boating, Gigging and Relaxing. With the use of my Gazelle I cut the name for his boat and this is the result.  (Green Metallic on Black). Boat number I did just the opposite

Thank you!  Janet Rankin 


Marge said...

Great Gaz tote; pretty fabric too!!! LOVE the boat's name and bet your son's thrilled with it too!!!

Catrick said...

The bag is adorable and so practical...congrats on the wonderful idea. Any chance of sharing instructions?