Monday, September 3, 2012

Photos and Memories By Lori m

Sometimes things come your way at just at the right time.  This is one of those times for me.

Coming soon… releases…. 1 Piece CD Holder  by Judy Stark and a whole bunch more. 

Since my recent trip I’ve been editing over 500 photos from California and finally, it’s finished!. 

To thank my cousin for showing me a “fabulous time”, I wanted to make her a CD Photo album of the places we traveled and with that being said this all needed special packaging.

I took the 1 Piece CD holder, enlarged it a little, added the small envelope inside for a personal note.

There’s plenty of room for photos and the CD inside. Life is grand, and is a lifesaver with fantastic files.
All the files were cut with my amazing “Pretty in Pink” Gazelle of course, the machine that missed me while I was away.  
For the front of my cover to dress things up a bit, I added another “coming soon” file the Keyhole Doily Set. by Judy Stark.

Perfect addition to showcase the CD cover, not too much pizazz just enough.

The files will be available for sale this August at

1. 1 Piece CD Holder
2. Keyhole Doily Set


Lori m.

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