Monday, August 6, 2012

Fancy Initial by Becki

Forget about purchasing those expensive wood letters at your big box craft store.  Make your own!  These are simple to put together and you have any letter available at the tip of your fingers.  OK, they are a little time consuming, especially if you are doing a whole word or someone's name.  I just have to say they are so worth it.  They have a high "wow" factor.  I get requests from friends all the time wanting me to at least make the first letter of their or their child's name.

So out comes my workhorse - the Gazelle!  She makes short work of the many pieces that go into making my 3D letters.  It always amazes me to see her zip around cutting all the zig-zags and score lines that make up this file.  My pink lady makes it look like child's play!

If you are thinking of purchasing an electronic die-cutter or upgrading the one you already have, take a look at the Gazelle.  This is really a do-it-all machine.  Check out the specifications here to see all the materials this beauty can take on.  Thank for stopping by and checking out my project!  Have a great day and happy crafting.

Becki Wagner- Bosskut Design Team

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