Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lattice Blue Jay Card by Lori m.

What do you do with all your beautiful photos; why not turn them into Print and Cuts using your Bosskut Gazelle?

Here’s a card I made using a photo taken, which was then turned into a print and cut.

I first created the four lattice panels in my Gazelle Funtime program to give my card a window pane effect.

Next I found a patterned paper I really liked, and then I proceeded to make my print and cut file using a photo taken by our son.

I was allowed to use the photo only for this card; it’s a “special” Birthday card for my Aunt in Germany turning 90 this year.

                     Look how nicely my Bosskut Gazelle Print-n-Cut feature cut my photo!!! 

For videos on making your own Print and Cuts or Lattice work in the Funtime program please visit

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