Friday, August 3, 2012

Words of Wisdom for the Mommy to Be by Jamie G

Machine Used: Boss Kut Gazelle
Software: Funtime Scrapbooking III
Files Used: Eyelet Baby Bottle Tag by Judy Stark BKD113,
Materials: Cardstock, ribbon

It just seems to me that sometimes the simplest projects are the ones that have the most impact!

I keep hearing about first time pregnancies so much lately and I'm so excited for these families! Almost makes me want another one . . . . ALMOST!! :o) With these new pregnancies brings the thoughts of baby showers and all the confusion that comes with a new baby.

For this project I decided to go with cards that can be passed out at the baby shower that offers the attendees to provide words of wisdom to the mommy-to-be. So simply made, it's easy to make as many as you'd need for the baby shower, then place them at the tables and let the attendees go!!

Before I get to much further into how I made these, I want to point out how easy it is save on paper even with the 3pt print and cut. In the Funtime software you can simply move the crop marks closer to the image that you want to cut around. In the image below, you can see that I had other things that I had worked on in other projects. I followed the steps as usual with print and cut after moving the crop marks and was able utilize more the paper.

Back to my project, I started out using several different patterns of paper and cut out the beautiful Baby Bottle Tag by Judy Stark, making sure to print the smaller rectangle in white cardstock. The white cardstock is where the attendees with write their words of wisdom to the mommy-to-be. Let me just say how wonderfully this cut!!

What a fun, cute little tag that the mommy-to-be will cherish forever! Make sure to have the attendees sign their words of wisdom so that there will forever be a record of their participation.

After all the tags have been collected be sure to secure them together at the top with some ribbon.

Jamie Gillahan – Bosskut Design Team Member
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