Friday, August 10, 2012

Flip Flops by Nikki B.

Flip Flop Rhinestone T-shirt
10ss Rhinestones in a variety of colors – Bosskut has some great options in their rhinestone section!
Bosskut Rhinestone transfer tape
Bosskut Rhinestone template material

Flip Flop Rhinestone Template
I made the template using the wonderful Funtime software. First I drew my flip flop pattern in Funtime, then used the Rhinestone feature, set to 12ss so I could set 10ss stones. Then after cutting the template, tape off one section at a time, and sweep in that color stone. Repeat for each section. Then iron the design onto a t-shirt, bookbag, or anything else – a fun piece that is great for summer weather! (Although you can be sure I will be wearing this all year long!)

Nikki is sharing the rhinestone pattern with us. It is a .wpc and can be dowloaded here.

Flip Flop Welcome Sign

What I used:
5 ½” x 17” poplar wood piece (purchased at my local home improvement store in 24” long pieces, then cut down to size 17”)
Bosskut white repositionable vinyl
Bosskut Vinyl in color of your choice
Bosskut vinyl transfer tape
Wood flip flops (found at my local big box craft store)

First I cut the Welcome out of my colored vinyl. I put a weeding box around it, and weed out the excess pieces and placed a piece of transfer tape over it. Then I cut various sizes of circles, cutting some in half, out of white vinyl.
I prepared the wood by lightly sanding it and painting several coats of white acrylic paint. Then using painters tape, I marked off my inner edges to leave a 1” exposed border on all sides, and painted the edges blue. After it dried I removed the painters tape.

I placed the “Welcome” word in the center white rectangle using the transfer tape, then I peeled up and placed my full and half circles on the blue edges for a polka dot look. I didn’t use tape for the polka dots.
Then I painted my flip flops in bright colors, using acrylic paints. I painted the flowers coordinating colors, then used a q-tip, dipped it in paint, and painted on the polka dots.
I used eyelet hooks to connect my flip flops to my wood piece. Either put a wire at the top or a picture hanger on the back and the piece is ready to hang – a bright, welcoming sign perfect for summer! The Gazelle is simply amazing in all the ways you can use it for so many different kinds of project, and vinyl is fun and easy to work with!

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