Thursday, August 23, 2012

Koozies by Kenya

Hello Everyone!

Summer is in full swing and before we know it, it will be coming to an end. Before the school year begins, I decided to host a local family reunion. I wanted the participants to have souvenirs. However, I was a very limited budget and I had limited time as well. I looked at my BossKut Gazelle and tried to come up with something. Then I looked at my unloved silk-screening machine and it clicked! KOOZIES!! Koozies are not only cute, but they keep drinks cool and they can be customized. PERFECT!

Once my blank koozies were ordered, I went into FunTime and got to work. Anyone who has hosted a party understands less is more! It is a very stressful and I wanted cute but simple (I had to make 100 of them). I took a tree from the net and brought it into FunTime. I added the initials of the family to the middle of the tree along with the year. Then I flipped the image. I cut the image out in vinyl and attached it to my screen for printing. The Gazelle cut the image like butter…the year is less than half of an inch tall…WOW!

This was a very fun and budget friendly project. My Gazelle as saved the day once again! I hope you enjoyed today’s project! Please stop by BossKut for supplies, machines and inspiration!

Boss Kut Design Team

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