Friday, December 10, 2010


  I started out with full intent of making a card or layout with this beautiful rhinestone design but….. I was so pleased with the outcome; I decided to keep it for myself.  Not quite the spirit of giving, but boy oh boy does it sparkle! This rhinestone pattern is one of the soon to be released Boss Kut design.  I used 10ss and 6ss rhinestones.  I cut the design with my Gazelle settings at K/O zero and force at 3.  I used Boss Kut’s #10050 Rhinestone Template Material.  This template material is thicker than other brands and I highly recommend using it. I handset the stones since I was using so many colors and sizes.  I put in the solid color stones first then added the mixture of colors. After I finished with the rhinestones, I put transfer tape over them and ironed the design onto the cap.  Iron an extra 15 seconds since the fleece is thick; to be sure they are attached and even.   I will be wearing my mine, but what a nice gift for Mom or Grandmother.
Happy Holidays to all!  Judy Stark

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