Lattice Box by Terri Mouw
You can cut this little box with or without the lattice top.  I cut this with the lattice top and filled it with potpourri.  I cut a small piece of netting and glued inside under the lattice top to prevent the potpourri from falling out but still able to get the scent.  I used a antique brass bow for and embellishment as well as the pop kut butterfly.  We added the lattice box as a freebie for a week so grab it while you can.
I will add more new designs in the next few days so be sure and check back
 Download the lattice box here

Judy Stark designed us an egg wrapper with her new bunny. How cute is this? She did a cupcake wrapper to match.  This is a ONE CUT pattern a/k/a Pop-Kut ! No glue needed!  Cut, pop out the bow and color if you want.   You can put an empty cupcake paper (the ones you bake the cupcakes in) in the cupcake wrapper and fill it with candys or goodies and it makes a great little favor or a fun surprise for your children.
Pattern can be found at

Easter Egg Wrappers

It will be Easter time before we know it!  My youngest are at the age now where they’re learning to spell and read and can easily recognize their own names so I thought it would be fun to make them some personalized Easter eggs.  And, since we eat such a BIG lunch, I thought it would be even more fun to create a little egg stand and serve them their personalized egg for breakfast.  Here’s how they turned out…
Egg Holders by Katie
Aren’t they cute??  I used some pink and orange vinyl for their names/initials and simply applied them to the already colored eggs.  Now for these, I colored them with Glimmer Mist but you could easily do it the old fashioned way too.  Just make sure your eggs are completely dry before you attempt to adhere the vinyl.  AND, keep them refrigerated until they’re ready to serve or they will sweat and the vinyl will come loose.  Can you guess what I used to make the little stands??  It’s the Scallop Cupcake Wrapper….shrunken!!  I simply shrunk it down to approximately 5 1/2 inches in the software and cut.  Of course, these eggs won’t make it ’til Easter but they’ll sure make a fun afternoon snack today!  ;)   You could also use your vinyl as a mask OR a stencil and color your egg AFTER you put the vinyl on.  Then, let it completely dry and remove the vinyl and you will have a reverse effect.  Fun stuff!