Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Loving Grandmothers by Debbie Grommet

Debbie  created this beautiful layout using our new pop – kut dies and some of our flower dies. I love the colors she used, it has such a vintage look.  She shared how she made the flowers and got the lovely curl in the petals.

Debbie choose a muted patterned paper and Bo-Bunny Double Dot for the background. she cut the large mats on the gazelle using one of our frames.
To add to the vintage look she used a piece of Ivory lace with a pastel pink ribbon to accent the pages.

Primrose Instructions
Light pink flower
 1) In your Funtime blue book there is a 6 petal flower labeled 7c. It is pretty basic.

2) You will need to cut 3 for each flower.

3) Cutting like a wedge out of a pie. Cut one petal out of the first flower and keep it.. Cut 2 petals out of the second flower and leave 1 whole. Fold the whole flower in half and make a small cut then fold it the other way and make another small cut.

4) Take the flower that you have cut 1 petal out and glue the petals near the cut together. Do the same with the one that you cut the 2 out of. You should now have  a 3 petal flower and a 4 petal flower

5) Apply a drop of glue to the under side of your 4 petal flower and push it down into the cross cut on your whole flower. Now do the same thing with the 3 petal flower. Roll the petal that you kept when you cut it out of the first flower and glue to it and push it deep into the center of the flower.

6) After the glue is dry wet the flower. Roll the petals back toward the underneath side of your flower. Make sure to roll all petals. The handle of a paint brush helps to roll the petals.

7) Let the flower dry, then you can clip the points that stick through the under side of your flower so that it will lay the way you want it to on your project.

You could also use Boss Kut’s fifties flower for this flower.

Instructions for the MumFor the Gazelle 
1) You will need a scalloped circle. There is a nice how to make a scalloped shape tutorial at or you can use the scalloped tag out of the blue book by removing the hole for the tag.
 2) Cut 5-8 scalloped circles for each flower. The More you cut the fuller the flower
 3) At the indention of each scallop cut towards the center of the circle without cutting all the way into the center.
 4) Ink the edges.
 5) Now wet them and wad them into a small ball and let them set until they are just barely damp.
 6)  Unfold and put a brad through the center putting on at least five layers.
 7) Pull the layers to the center until you like the look. Let dry completely and then slightly re-ink the highest edge.
 If you do not have a Gazelle the 0683 Scalloped Flower will work.
Most any of our flower dies or digital flowers will work for this project.

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