Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cute Darling Baby Card by Kenya G

Hello Gazelle Lovers,
Kenya here to share an adorable baby card with you. I don't know about you, but spring equates to baby announcements like no other time of year for me! I know at least four people who are due this summer! I guess I know what I will be doing! This is a 6x6" card which is not a typical size for me. However, babies are special so I had to do something differently.
 For this card, I used the banner, bottle and rattle. I am pleased with how well the detail cut on the Gazelle despite the size. I mean the cuts are approximately 1" so that makes the detailed cuts less than an eighth of an inch! Take it slow and easy. I did a speed of 2 since it was more detailed. Although the speed is slower, I am always amazed at how fast slow is! If you are new to the Gazelle but not electronic cutters, you will know what I mean ;) and you too will not believe your project cut so quickly; even on low!

I do have a small vent and warning. Look twice and stamp once! Ok, I used a set of stamps that I have not used in over a year. I couldn't remember why it has been so long since I used the set until I was in too deep. I had already stamped the C, U and T so when it was time to stamp the E, I realized the rubber had fell off the wood mount. I searched frantically to no avail. I had to make a decision. Either I scrapped the banner idea or I had to get creative. I went with the latter. I searched all of my stamps to find a similar style font. It is not a perfect match. However, I had to do what I had to do! Hey, what can I say? Crafters are just that; CRAFTY!! Remember to check your stamps BEFORE you begin stamping

To finish embellishing the card, I cut the image from the paper collection. I also added a doily to fill in the card. I also stamped the little foot print and added Glass Effects to give it a button effect without the added bulk.
I hope you enjoyed today's project. Don't forget to stop by for more files, supplies and inspiration. Kenya

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