Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mother's Day Book by Judy Stark

This is one of the new designs just released: Lacey Booklet.  It is a quick gift to make for the upcoming Mother's Day.  The book has 6 pages but extra pages can be added easily if needed. Available at

  I let my paper chosen accent this book.  Meaning, I only needed to cut the design, chalk the edges and add a ribbon.  I also added pearls onto the cover page.  With busy paper being used, I did not want to overpower the look by adding too much more.  One of the features of my cutter Bosskut Gazelle is the ability to move the plotter head to anywhere on the paper and it will start cutting there.  The butterfly and rose was in the center of my 12 by 12 page and I was able to cut it for the cover page of my book.

This design also has frames and a border to complete your pages with. 

Judy Stark

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