Sunday, June 2, 2013

Corsage by Kenya G

Hello Gazelle Lovers,
Prom is a true sign that then end of the school year is near. I love to see parents and their children, girls especially, scouring the malls and stores to look for the perfect outfit that signifies one of the most memorable moments in their young lives. I look forward to when my daughters are old enough to attend prom. However, I am not looking forward to the price tag that is going to come along with it! Good thing I have some skill to take a little pain away from my (well hubby's) wallet!

I believe no prom dress is complete without a beautiful corsage! When I saw the new Carnation file (coming soon), I knew instantly it would be perfect! I teamed it up with the Forget Me Nots (roses) and it was a perfect marriage.
I cut all of the layers for the Carnation in yellow. I staggered each layer to give it a more realistic look. Next I wet the layers of cardstock so the flower would not look stiff. Once dried, I glued the layers together. I did the same process with the roses x2. Optional, take the center out of the Forget Me Nots in the software before cutting. I like to do this if I am using hot glue.
Once the flowers were assembled, it was time to put the corsage together. The base is a piece of tulle. I scalloped the edge to give it a finished look. Next I added a blingy spray from my stash. Next I added the Carnation and roses. Once everything was in place, I used elastic ribbon to go around the girl's wrist. I like to use this type of ribbon because it is pretty and it is comfortable.  The girls can dance all night long and be confident their corsage will last!

I hope you enjoyed today's project. Don't forget to stop by for more files and inspiration. Thanks for stopping by, Kenya~

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