Sunday, June 23, 2013

Embossing with Bosskut Gazelle by Jamie G

Files Used: Swirly Flourish by Judy Stark BKD 201, Swirly Butterfly by Judy Stark BKD 200
Materials: Chip board, card stock

For this project I decided I wanted to see what my Gazelle could do with some chip board! My goal was to take one of the beautiful BossKut Designs and make an embossing folder that I could pass through my manual die cutter press.

Using one of the chip boards that I've received when ordering family photos, I cut out the Swirly Flourish by Judy Stark BKD 201. I cut a rectangle around it and then cut an identical sized rectangle. I used a standard blade, speed 1, and force 5 to cut the chip board.

I applied masking tape to one of the sides, making my 2 rectangles a sandwich. Then I put the die cuts back into the rectangle that I cut them from and applied glue to the side that would touch the other rectangle. I folded the 2 rectangles together, making sure that the negative matched up with the die cut.

Since I was having so much fun with the embossing, I had to put my Gazelle to work and emboss some vellum as well. I used the embossing tool and embossing mat to emboss the vellum. I chose to use a lower force setting of 2 and multiple passes (4) to get the look I wanted.

For additional decoration to the card, I used the new release Swirly Butterfly by Judy Stark BKD 200. With a few self adhesive pearls, these adorable butterflies really completed the look of the card.

If you're a Gazelle owner and have her registered, be sure to stop by the Boss Kut Forum for additional projects that are shared!

Jamie Gillahan – BossKut Design Team Member
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