Friday, November 12, 2010

Poinsettias On Parade

 Everything is coming up Poinsettia’s this week on our BossKut Forum!
Phyllis, Terri, Linn and Shelly all posted beautiful work using the popular BossKut Poinsettias file # 0576D. This file is so versatile. Another basic “must have.” The gold glitter paper is offered by Bosskut.Com and just the easiest to cut without the flaking. I outlined Joy with red foil cardstock, leaving a background for the letter O for the reflection effect of my poinsettia. Happy Holiday Crafting! Judy

 Joy Card by Judy Stark

Card by Shelly Mercado 
Here is a card I made using the Poinsettia file. I deleted the cut lines going down the petals and used a stylus instead. I thought it looked softer and more realistic. Each layer was cut twice and and pearls were added to the center.
I LOVE this Poinsettia and will be using it a lot this holiday season!

White Poinsettias with Boss Kut Scrolls by Shelly Mercado

Cards by Shelly Mercado

Shelly shared her technique she used on the poinsettias to get this beautiful realistic look.

After I cut the flowers out I sponged them with red ink and used a 5mm (although other sizes would work just fine) stylus on them to 'soften' the petals. I used a small, circular motion on the petals, which curls the petals up. They 'flattened' again once I used the 1mm stylus to add the creases down the center of the petals. Then I 'pinch' and shape the petals with my fingers. The result is weathered and worn, almost making them look real (or at least trying! lol!). Shelly

Burnished Velvet Glittered Card by Terri Mouw


Katie said...

WOW!! Those are all beautiful cards!! I LOVE that poinsettia! Definately gonna have to cut that one!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Where is this file to purchased?


Mrs. Boss Kut said...

File can be purchased at

thank You!