Monday, October 3, 2011

Chalkboard Perpetual Calendar by Linn

Today's project is what I like to call cute!  LOL  Anyway, I took some of the Chalkboard Vinyl I got from Bosskut, some of the repositionable vinyl and cut a Calendar out to fit onto the Chalkboard vinyl.  It sticks great!  I then did some print n cuts of Haunted House, Tombstones and Pumpkin Ghost for October and Autumn Oak Leaves, Pot & Spoon, Candy Apple, Pie, and Apple for November.

I bought a box of Crayola Chalk for 99 cents in different colors and made the days in one color and holidays in another color and birthdays in yet another color.  I also put the Special Days in the "To Do List" on left side of Calendar with the name of the person.  Now to make some more PNC's for Christmas and every other Month!  Woohoo!  I also took removable adhesive dots on the backs of the PNC's to hold them on the Chalkboard Vinyl! Since I have 2 months of PNC's done I used the backing from the vinyl to stick my extra PNC's on to store them for next year and placed them in a gallon size zip lock bag.  Also, you can take a piece of string and tie around the chalk and hang it from the Chalkboard Vinyl by punching a small hole near the left side where the "To Do List" is and let it hang until you need to use it again.  Also Bosskut has the 'Chalk Ink Wet Wipe Markers' for this use too!  Vinyl and Markers are under 'Crafts' on the Bosskut Site.  I hope you like this idea and have fun with it!  Have a great time crafting.

Linn Cole - Bosskut Design Team Member

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