Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Lanterns by Linn

Today is about the ambience of Halloween!  I have a lantern that is 5-1/2" tall x 2-1/2" squared. I cut out a window on all sides and added some vellum for a shadowy look then took the "Skull & Crossbones #0901 and cut out more black card stock and glued to each side of the vellum!  Use a piece of ribbon to hang it up or set it on the mantle.  I used a battery operated tea-light off a spooky shadowy light! 


The next Light is a Votive Candle Holder with Bosskut's #0486D "Haunted House" and #0840 "RIP" tombstone  print -n- cut them and glued to glass votive. Used battery operated tea light and then I made the votive holder in Funtime III!  I cut out 8 pieces of the pattern from card stock and glued each 1/2 of one to another 1/2 of another until all 8 are glued together, giving you a stand to hold a glass votive holder!  Trick or Treat?

Linn Cole - Bosskut Design Team Member

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Fairy Cardmaker said...

Nice projects. With a little alteration, your stand would make a cool looking 3D pumpkin for decor too.